Save Our Skyline - Residents concerned about King Street Redevelopment

What you can do

At present there is no need to do anything until we know the details of what we expect will be a revised application. However, please do stay in touch so that we can let you know more about this as soon as we do. Thank you all for giving us your support so far.

Tell Boris what you think!

Take part in an online survey for Boris' re-election campaign, and you have an opportunity to tell the Mayor just how you feel about the Town Hall scheme.
These surveys usually attract a fairly low response rate, so a large number of responses mentioning the Town Hall scheme will have a real impact and get through to Boris directly.

The survey itself should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Question 2 asks "What is the most important issue you would like addressed in your local area?" You could check the option "Protecting green spaces," or use the "Other" option to raise "Overdevelopment of the Hammersmith Town Hall site" or "Overdevelopment along the river".

Question 3 asks "If there was one thing you could change in your local area, what would that be?" You might answer along the lines of: "Make Hammersmith Council act upon residents' objections to the King Street redevelopment scheme" or similar, in your own words.


On Boris' website he states that "you can help shape London the way you want it to be".

Send him your views, and let him show he means it.

Save Our Skyline - Residents concerned about King Street Redevelopment