Save Our Skyline - Residents concerned about King Street Redevelopment

Supporters of Save Our Skyline

My son and I have been going to the Cineworld cinema for several years (since our local cinema in Ealing was demolished). I much prefer it to the large multiplexes (despite it's somewhat dilapidated state).
Please do not let another local cinema disappear.

Mike Pilsbury
It is an unbelievable that the voice of the local community has not been heard. I will add my support now and at the next election.
melanie Dicks
There is a wonderful opportunity to redevelop Hammersmith Civic Centre and its environment. The council should be working to produce something of real and lasting beauty, something exciting that visually enhances the area and make us all feel proud. Something that could bring a sense of harmony between the more scruffy end of King Street and the rest of Hammersmith (eg through clever use of landscaping),
Lets dump the current developers, the architects, the planning committee. Their motivations are all wrong.
For once lets forget about 'commercial sustainability'. What happened good old civic pride. We need council leaders with flair, passion and vision - where there are higher issues than just money. Remember our Victorian forefathers; they used philanthropy and all manner of inventive means to build town halls a hundred years ago that where vertiable cathedrals of fine art and architecture. Today's pygmies think that building a Tesco is a win. My god, what have we come to!
David Babington-Smith
We don't want any more "carbuncles" on London's skyline. Have a thought for the quality of life for residents and Londoners. There MUST be alternatives. Overbearing, lazy, self-interested developments should be shunned in favour of life-enhancing, harmonious projects that encourage others, down the food chain, to do the same. Lead by example, PLEASE, and do the right thing.
Linda Dixon
Please do not approve plans for this development. High rise building continues to have a negative effect on the social welfare of people - the design is poor and there is nothing positive to say about the proposals other than it may be a vanity project for the councillors who are promoting it. Please look carefully at the vested interests of those people who wish to see the project come about.
Caroline Donaldson
All that is required is a fair democratic involvement in the design of the planned development and a suitable solution could be found to suit the majority of people - the local community and council. If the scheme was reduced to accomodate local views, buildings and businesses then it would not only allow the area to thrive, but also its people.
Emma Ford
such a cold, un-inventive plan
joan jarvis
The construction of these buildings is such a bad idea in so many ways, proving yet again that Councillors are more interested in Vanity projects, power and financial gains than serving their community!
Corinne Charton
I think that this development will be really detrimental to views from the South of the river.
Mrs Unity Harvey
firmly against this
David Laurie
I am utterly disgusted by Hammersmith Council's decision to ignore overwhelming local objections and build a block of "luxury flats" on King Street. They are evicting blind people from their homes, destroying a well-loved park and ruining one of the most beautiful views in London forever. They have not given one single exculpating reason for this decision. I will be doing all I can to appeal against this decision and have it overturned.
Sarah Watkins
Unfettered, inappropriate, over-development in Hammersmith and Fulham, Councillors seem to want to pack in as many people as they can into what is becoming an overcrowded area, by building taller and taller buildings. Why do they not listen to their residents?
Aline Robinson
The substantial list of very powerful arguments being raised by so many as to why this should not proceed I wholeheartedly support and echo again. What is also so sinister here (and not for the first time in the history of this Council) is the clear abuse of position by the council members who support this and their complete lack of accountability and arrogant indifference to the opinions of their constituents, experienced organisations and professionals, fellow councillors and MP's. It demonstrates their utter selfishness, disregard for the welfare of others and of the law and conservation policy, incompetent administration and reliance on inaccuracy and lies to meet their own ends (e.g. number of objections received over 1,300 whereas 600 stated in the report the supporting councillors produced). That the council has so far been permitted to behave like this is also a damning indictment of current government policy and a failure to control delegated powers. One would also normally expect at least some semblance of monitoring and safeguards to ensure no hint of bribery and corruption is inferred. I hope that true humanity and intelligent mindfulness will prevail over the disgraceful behaviour being diplayed by those councillors in support. I sincerely hope a major enquiry begins not only into this application but also into the wider conduct of those council members involved who support it - in this, other planning and ALL aspects of their decision making process.
Jayne Harvey
I live right on Furnival Gardens. One of the very few parks on the banks of the river. This will destroy it's peace and beauty.
Not to mention a huge con to any body buying these flats. A bridge over the A4 does not mean RIVER ACCESS.

Justin Murphy
It is impossible not to deplore the mistaken indulgence of the planning committee towards the aggressive, insensitive, modernistic approach of the developers in granting them permission to go ahead. It seems that the bad old days of '60s brutalist urban planning are back.
Paolo Ferrante
It seems pretty clear that this is a bonkers scheme, undertaken by developers who have no regard for the area and its civic strength. The proposed architectural regeneration is wholly unsympathetic and regeneration should be about supporting communities to develop their existing areas and infrastructure, rather than demolishing old buildings to make way for horrid and brash new ones. This is definitely not going to improve any aspect of living in this area, except for the rich people moving in to take advantage of the proposed scheme. I sincerely hope that it will not be allowed to get any further than this bad plan...
Felix Waterhouse
I've been living in London for one year and a half. I am from Cracow. King Street, the riverside near Hammersmith and Chiswick are one of my favourite areas in London. The riverside is one of the few places left in London which are peaceful, clean, have an old charm of London - I would be very sad if it would be destroyed. Not a lot of London left for its citizens who love local areas - all concrete (I work in the City which is for robots more than for humans), crowded parks, places busy with tourists and dodgy neglected areas. Is it a direction towards which London is developing?? Please, no!
Kasia Wielgomas

Kasia Wielgomas
Whilst the existing town hall is a bit of a 'carbuncle' it does not ruin the river view. If it needs to be knocked down, then it should be redeveloped with low rise buildings. Also, the cinema does not need to be knocked down. NOt everybody wants to go/can afford to go to a large shopping centre like Westfield to see a film at double the cost. There are enough supermarkets in the vicinity and another one is not needed certainly not a Tescos when there are 5 in a very small radius. Sainsburys is already in The Mall and Waitrose is at Westfield and Chiswick. This area if it has to be redeveloped should be for starter homes, retirement homes and not expensive flats. Also, in a recession what are the chances of the shops being let and the flats being sold and thus becoming a bit of a ghost development. We need to stop greedy developers like this as well as bankers!
Jenny Watt
Tthis smacks of a return to Dame Shirley Porter's gerrymandering in Wandsworth. Where she upgraded properties in order to get rid of affordable housing, with the idea that if richer people bought into the new properties and moved into the neighbourhood, more of the constituents would vote conservative. For the population of this borough, to demolish public buildings and replace them with commercial enterprises is tantamount to theft.
I live outside London and was visiting.I ran along the River Bank from Fulham football ground and saw one of your leaflets attached to a lamp post. I was dismayed,but not surprised that such an out of keeping development is proposed (Not surprised as money as always talks)I can see nothing positive in these proposals, everything seems negative for the area with the loss of a lovcely 1930's cinema and amenity space.I very much support and commend your actions in trying to preserve the heritage and "skyline" and wish you well. I hope the councillors love your area as much as you and kick these hideous proposals out. Good Luck
mark clements
I have just read the agenda for the planning meeting on 30 November 2011, which of course recommends this outrageous development goes ahead. The report is a triumph of Orwellian doublespeak and doublethink. Particularly absurd is this sentence written by Susie Saraiva, planning officer (page 26): "Although the proposed development will be visible and will have an impact on views it is considered that the impact is not one of significant harm and would contribute to the skyline of this part of Hammersmith." The logic is what? Slightly harmful to the skyline but also makes a contribution to the skyline? That we allow people of such intellectual ability to decide these things is just one of the reasons why this process is so flawed.
Ned Pakenham
i love the skyline it is one of the most beautiful spots in london. DON'T RUIN IT!
tom nearney
yvonne lunde-andreassen
These plans seem to be tearing out the heart of a lovely community, in particular the cinema which I am a regular visitor to with my children for ANOTHER supermarket and some hideous high rises? Why?
rupert cheswright
This is an appalling project. It serves no one but the council, Tescos and the property developers.
It will wreck the heart of Hammersmith, ruining the much loved and used Furnival gardens, clogging up the already congested arteries of Hammersmith, creating a useless industrial walk way, closing the cinema and re-locating the residents of the blind home...and damaging the skyline last seen with the other mindless planning decisions of H&F in respect of the (current) Premier Inn in Ravenscourt Park and of course, Charring Cross hospital.
It's a breath-taking and deeply disturbing act of urban vandalism...for the self-serving benefit of council offices and property has to question the real motives here.
This is a prime site in London. It should be treated with respect and any plans should have real aesthetic and environmental merit, given its position and benefit the whole community. This proposal fails to even get close to achieving this.
Michelle Churchward
Let's modify these plans to make them neutral and sensible - protect our river views, get rid of that council block extension but with a sympathetic development. No more bloody super markets.
Jeff Richards
All these little shops will go once this has been constructed. Some of them have only just been opened or been there for some years. How can you destroy a community environment and historic culture in favour of outdated 'Little America'?
c clutton
I lived in Hammersmith until August this year and still work in the area. Furnivall Gardens is a haven for me as I have a long day at work with a massive two-hour break in the middle. Now that it's more expensive to go home at lunchtime, I wander down the river, even on inclement weather days because it is a special stretch of river. In Fulham where I now live, the river is littered with high rise 'luxery' flats, offices and other tall buildings which dominate and in my opinion over shadow any pleasantness the river has there. I don't want the same thing to happen along the riverside at Hammersmith, and feel rallied enough to happily storm the property development offices in outrage at their unscrupulous, greedy behaviour.
Marie Gibson
An absolutely appalling scheme, following on from the equally appalling Fulham Reach St George Development. H&FBC do not need a new building, let alone one as overwhelming and intrusive as this, paid for by H&F residents.
Penelope Stewart-Moore
If councillors decide to grant their permission for this utterly ridiculous development, they will not be in office long enough to enjoy what they consider to be its "benefits" - because we, the residents of Hammersmith (who the council always "put first") will have voted them out. I'm appealing to their self-interest - because that's the only language they seem to understand.
Paul Kent
Oh how lovely, more ugly council offices and a supermarket, because you can never have enough of those. Look out Richmond, they're coming your way....
I am dead against the idea. I would especially not welcome the increase in pollution, the ugly buildings and the traffic increase!!!
Kylie Francis
The proposed town hall development is totally inappropriate for the site and will blight the area for years to come.The multi-storey towers are out of scale and will ruin a much loved Thames side skyline and adversely affect neighbouring conservation areas which are a rare and untouched survival of old Hammersmith.The earth works for the totally unnecessary footbridge over the Thames will damage Furnivall Gardens and diminish the available green space.I strongly object to this over-sized,ugly development-it must be rejected.
Elizabeth McKay
I strongly support the action taken by your members..THIS PLANNING WILL SPOIL THE LOOK OF KING STREET as we knew it.It is a shame that money and power overide people's lives and a right to a peaceful enviroment.Those that are intent on going forward with this,will not gain any thankyou.As this is not Justice,this is a
crime against a COMMUNITY
Peggy Barker
I am really concerned that this proposed development as it stands is totally inappropriate for the area - the buildings are STILL too highm we DO NOT need another large supermarket - we have 3 within 4 miles og each other. The cinema could be such an asset if it was redeveloped and used for community things as well as a cinema.
PLEASE rethink this - please do what the community wants and not be driven by money
Thanks you Patricia

Patricia Byrne
Iain White
Ugly and intrusive. This proposed development would destroy local amenities and provide nothing useful to the community.
John Harris
The changes to the original proposals, to which I objected, are still peripheral and do not take into account the effect such large and ungainly buildings would have on the adjacent properties and views.
Please can the Council obtain really good architectural and historic advice to make Hammersmith somewhere that blends into the existing vernacular architecture. The enormous increase in the size of buildings from their present size is overpowering, and unsuitable for the existing infrastructure.
I can see that the present Council buildings are dreadful, but with some sort of aethetic sense the Old Town Hall could be made the centre of a pleasant arrangement of buildings, and the Cinema should be retained as a cultural centre with some external improvements. I think that any new building should be brick faced and not be a temporary glass erection.
diana ward
Time Hammersmith Council changed its strapline: Putting Residents First is something of a joke now.
Given that the proposed scheme is entirely inappropriate in so many ways, and has met with opposition from every area of the local community, SURELY councillors should realize that by the time the scheme is finished, they will no longer be in office. As self-interest seems to be the only language they understand, perhaps they should consider THAT before foisting this ridiculous scheme on their cherished Residents who clearly don't want it.
Paul Kent
susan ring
We got rid of the previous (2004) proposal by Tesco for the cinema and adjacent sites. How anyone can consider this much-larger and subsequent eyesore "development" proposal as an improvement simply beggars belief!
How the council can have allowed it to even reach thus far astounds me. I'd already begun to suspect 'brown envelopes' and generally dodgy dealings, and fear my cynicism may not be inappropriate, alas. The apparently sinister entities behind Helical Bar and Grainger should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, as should the councillors who even think to entertain their dubious machinations.
As is, this scheme - in my opinion - suggests inherent conflict of interest, and notions of self-benefit amongst some councillors. It is very clearly of no benefit whatsoever to local residents and users of Furnivall Gardens - we do NOT need yet another supermarket, we DO need a cinema, the Pocklington people need their homes, we need and want the already limited open-space area of FG to be preserved, et alia - and it should be dismissed forthwith and permanently!
In haste and off the cuff,
Jeremy Gloag, very local resident
I love the skyline and I cherish what is good in the past. Lived in Hammersmith
25 years and v saddened by the change in
services here. I use the cinema, Irish Centre and walk in Furnival Gdns. I loathe
the proposed changes and feel increasingly
rubbished by this Counci. By what right do
the Planners seek to desecrate our skylien.
It is all self interest and love of MAMMON
sonia klauber
These plans are unneccessary and ill timed, they must be stopped.
I was saddened today to see such a devastingly out of place oversized monster of a development proposal in the Ravenscourt Park area and close to the river.
Don't get me wrong, I love to see modern architecture, as long as it doesn't overbear it's existence with existing buildings.
This new development is so obviously not for this suburban riverside area. It's current quaintness is the envy of everyone visiting.
The developers need to reaccess their plans to accommodate the immediate neighbourhood, to enhance it and not to blight it.
Julia Wren
This is an extraordinarily inappropriate proposal. It's too dense and too tall. The intrusion into the views from both Ravenscourt Park and the southern towpath are completely unacceptable.
The scheme is motivated solely by greed. King Street needs refurbishment not devastation.
Martin Manning
the towers should be reduced!
And Winkelsdorf
The revised plan does not go far enough and does not in any way solve any of the problems that this development would cause. Overall there aren't any pros at all in this development going ahead- it is still economically damaging for the local community as well as aesthetically displeasing and against the historical heritage of the area.
Tim Freeman
This project is a disgraceful attack on the borough and its residents by a greedy and despotic council, notable for the many times it has been mentioned in Private Eye's "Rotten Boroughs" column.
Edward Lawrence
This project is totally inappropriate. Who will it benefit and why is the council so keen to force it through against the wishes of LBHF's residents, who they are supposed to represent? Why does the council want to destroy this beautiful stretch of river? It's completely wrong on logistical, environmental and aesthetic grounds and will damage the quality of life in the area.
Charles Edinger
This development will ruin the whole atmosphere of the riverside and must not be pushed through. I am particularly worried to read in the Telegraph about donations to the Tory party by Helical Bar and its chairman.
Joanne Gilhooly
Where has the heart and the romance gone from making a town centre look beautiful? Why remove historic and interesting buildings for modern faceless blocks, how are planners and councils able to destroy our history?
Dawn Cox
it would be a travesty if the proposals went ahead.
Charlotte Spencer
Dear Sirs,
Please stop the impending disaster threatening to ruin the cityscape with hideous modern buildings, representing no artistic value in any aspect.
The wish of making profit is a human thing and therefore quite understandable, but individual benefit should not come at a cost of destroying beautiful historic parts of our city and exposing the local community to torments of seeing the atrocious premature foetus of a demented architectural vision for generations ahead.
I apply to the perspicacity and honesty of the people involved from the Planning Department. Please remember that your good name, as well as gratitude and trust from the local people is worth much more than a temporary income increase. Please put the humanistic and moral values first and stop the disaster from happening.
Kind regards,
Helena Tepli
It is imperative that the council are stopped from turning a borough of householders and low rise buildings into a borough blighted by high density skyscrapers. It is as if the ratepayers who actually live in the borough now are unimportant and that the council's goal is to cram as many new ratepayers as possible into a small footprint by building higher. The plans seem to ignore the sector of the population who really contribute to society such as teachers, nurses, policemen, firemen who need affordable housing near their work while pandering to developers who are looking to make money at the expense of local amenities.
Suzanne Burke
Losing the cinema would be very sad - the nearest would then be the two Vues in Shepherds Bush - both in an already too-busy location with a completely different feel - going to the Cineworld is much easier and more relaxing. It would also give Vue a monopoly in a large area. Building another supermarket is simply unbelievable with the existing large Sainsbury's and Tesco in Kings Mall/Broadway, Tesco at the top of King Street, supermarkets on Chiswick High Road, the Sainsbury's/Tesco next to Goldhawk Road and on Shepherds Bush Green, and Sainsbury's/Tesco/Co-op in Askew Road. What is wrong with the existing underpass to Furnival Gardens?? Finally, any increase to traffic in Hammersmith would be just unacceptable! I am already often choking literally half to death from the fumes as I cycle down King Street! Regeneration is most welcome, but this is clearly a case of local residents being played with by people who want to make money!
Igor Zakhleniuk
Cycling along the riverside past Furnivall Gdns on a sunny day is one of the reasons why I love living near the river.
So often, especially after Westfield, I see little evidence that H & F council/planners put residents first, but there are plenty of examples of business clients' interests being put top of the agenda.
I fully support your petition.
Amanda Carter
The impact on Furnivall Gardens is surely unnacceptable - once a third is lost, the remainder will surely follow yet this is a small oasis of calm and relaxation for people from all over the borough. If the council wants to secure some cash - upgrade the Kings Mall and improve the tunnels under the motorway;cheaper and less damaging to residents!
Dominic Hancock
I live on Carwath Road, SW6, so I am not directly affected by this proposal. However, I am very fond of the historic buildings along this part of the Thames and I do visit Hammersmith for shopping and leisure activities. I really don't think the scope and scale of this proposal is suitable for the area and I would therefore like to support the campaign to oppose it.
Sue Baker
I was distraught to hear that the Hammersmith Cineworld is potentially going to be knocked down. I have many fond memories of this cinema, and as a 15 year old student, the cinema was a place myself and my friends enjoyed spending time at. The destruction of the cinema will reflect the destruction of my childhood and it is beyond devastating that the individuals responsible have no concern whatsoever for the local residence of Hammersmith.
Lucy Kelly
I fully suppport the work of local residents to protect future generations from this eyesore, and its detrimental effect on local streetscene.
Shas Sheehan
The proposed development will create a precedent for other tall buildings in this area. The skyline is low level and should remain that way. None of the reasons or developments proposed by the council will do anything to enhance the area or provide any needed amenities. The proposal of yet another supermarket will place a strain on tcurrent businesses and and the infrastructure. It is very hard to understand who these proposals will benefit other than the developers
Deborah Talalay
I am totally against this. Owner occupier in Bazalgette Court. Moved here as one of the nicest areas in London...I am not happy about this at all. Let me know what we need to do to prevent it...will put some weight behind the campaign. Cheers
Parminder Basran
This development will be catastrophic for Hammersmith. Not only will it place an unbearable burden on the local infrastructure, but it will be a massive eyesore and Hammersmith's unique historical character will be lost forever.
Helen Martin
British Rowing wishes to support local residents in their strong concerns about the proposed construction of two 15 story apartment blocks so close to the river. These are of a height that will surely change the landscape, and loom over this neighbourhood with its many historic buildings. We believe that this development would have a hugely detrimental impact on this wonderful stretch of the Thames.
Di Ellis
This planned development will not only ruin the skyline but it ignores the wishes of residents. It rides roughshod over local people.
ray campbell
How can a council with a direct conflict of interest make such a decision. Other countries would call this kind of deal a bribe or corrupt.
This is the wrong decision for King Street appears money grabbing and is a diservice to the community.
William Barrett
Hammersmith is being turned into one great big developers' paradise - changing an area with real history & character (also with a great record of looking after ALL who live here in the past) into yet another uncaring, bland, giant glass box of a borough! Whether we follow this depressing path or not is down to each and every councillor. So I'd ask you this: do you really think that the people you represent want this kind of architectural (and social) vandalism?
Mary Stow
There is definitely a case to keep the skyline as it is. Making vast developments might please developers but they destroy the feel of the locality and add pressures on traffic which is already to high.
To replace an successful art deco cinema and it's surroundings with a modern massive block is truly counter productive to the well being of the locality.
Roger Mullins
Could not agree more with the clear and well researched objections to the disproportionately inflated plans for the Hammersmith redevelopment.
It will ruin the historical riverfront skyline without adding anything to local facilities.
Mike Katesmark
We previously lived near Ravenscourt Park and moved west a little to Chiswick 32 years ago. We still love our riverside walks and consider ourselves part of the Hammersmith community. The vision of financial gain (can this off pitch shopping possibly be a success?) must not destroy what many come to this length of the river to enjoy, either as a visitor or - more importantly - as a Council tax paying resident.
Carol Woolner
I object to the lack of vision and imagination that has gone in to this proposal. Not only is it entirely visually disastrous to one of the only remaining historic river views in London but the lack of any affordable housing means that the local community will not benefit in the long term. The whole extent of the river frontage in West London - from Westminster to Putney is blighted by enormous developments which serve only the wealthy who want a river view from their windows. As churchwarden of St Peter's, the oldest church in Hammersmith I lament the short sightedness of the current planning application, not only for its aesthetics, but also for its craven lack of generosity towards the less rich who live and work nearby.
Caroline Langton
I am totally against the demolition of the Art Deco Cinema - this was a busy cinema until Westfield arrived and took it's trade away. Why does Hammersmith need more flats and another supermarket - keep the cinema as a local resource for the whole community to use.
Kay Carroll
This planning application is very unsuitable for this area of London- would be a tragedy to spoil this part of the city.
Anthea Craigmyle
London's cultural heritage must be preserved, not only for current but also for future generations. With massive developments like the Westfield shopping centre at White City and the Olympic Park in the east already dominating our city, it is more important than ever to protect the little enclaves of London's history that remain.
Dan Woodard
Because watching a movie in a Art Deco cinema is a much more worthy experience than in a multiplexe . That's all !
Stephanie Geuzimian
Just visited this area for the first time. It is precious -not just attractive but thriving with life. Please do not ruin it with ugliness.
Tim Butler
It seems that the council are intent on turning Hammersmith into more of an urban monstrosity than it already is and building on every available space. I thought the point of the town hall redevelopment was to restore the original building not replace one hideous building for another. I for one object to the spoiling of the skyline and the 'opening up' of the riverside to more people. One of the reasons people move here is for the peace - its one of the only quiet places in the borough - lets keep it that way.
Gary Briggs
We don't require these building in the borough which stand to be an eyesore and overpopluate an already busy area. Nor do we require another Tesco in an area which is already saturated with them (there's another one 100 yards down the road).
Chris Martin
I agree with all the objections concerning the redevelopment of the area around Hammersmith Town Hall, especially the proposal to build 15-storey tower bocks on the site. My other main concerns are the demolition of the cinema plus plans for a totally unnecessary supermarket and unsightly bridge over the A4.
Another factor is 'Legacy' - does the council really think that any (dubious, probably financial) short-term gain is more important than the blighting of Hammersmith and it's riverscape for decades - and generations - to come?
Stephanie Barnes
Underpasses are drab and sometimes scary places, but think a little more outside the box. A national/international Architectural competition to create a new kind of underpass out of the existing one. Or in another other direction: imagine an underpass that creates a cobbled, brightly lit street with workshops and perhaps small specialist shops linking the gardens. Or an underpass that is a trip through Hammersmith's history. (Tiled as a homage to William Morris for example) The idea of the bridge sounds appalling, destroying Furnival Gardens and blighting an historic part of London. Perhaps the councillors could take a trip to Barcellona - seriously - and see the amazing and inspirational things done there.
B Patten
Having lived in Barnes for many years I am appalled by this lack of judgement by the council in wishing to ruin this beautiful area. This must not be allowed to go ahead and am forwarding this link to all my friends who know and love this area.
Karen Gubbins
The 1983 Labour Party Manifesto was once described by Gerald Kaufman as the longest suicide note in history. This scheme must one of the biggest.
clive wren - architect
Is there any resident apart from the politicians who is in favour of this development. I have yet to meet one.
Surely under the new Conservative government which is handing power back to the people the right action by the Conservative Council, having listened to the people, should be to withdraw the development It's a no brainer. That nice Mr. Cameron can't know whats happening. Andy Slaughter, have a word.
Peter Latham
This historic skyline must be saved.
Please do not forget seeking friends, Barnes, Mortlake etc.. from the otherside of the river bank, who like me walk the towpath and enjoy the view.
Next could be the develoment of the Mortlake Brewery site which could impair the sky line this side.
John Hamshere
These proposals by H&F council are completely inappropriate and fail to meet the needs of the local community. I sincerely hope that they do not go ahead in their present form.
Adam Duncan
I would like to add my support to stop this happening.
Lyn Dougherty
I feel strongly against the proposal for the plans to King Street, Hammersmith. It would would ruin a beautiful and much loved part of the town and destroy the views and beautiful skyline. We must do everything we can to stop the building works and conserve this beautiful area and natural habitat.
Amanda Flint
Enough is enough. We are choking ourselves with our own greed.
Andrew Bown
It would be sheer vandalism to destroy this beautiful skyline so close to The Thames.
Veronica Bown
The scale proposed is shocking, greedy and ruinous forever to the local built environment. You must work harder to find a less intensive development - on different sites if need be.
I oppose the planned development of the Hammersmith Riverside area and believe the destruction of the cinema would be a huge shame for local people. I myself regularly attend the cinema.
I would urge the local planning committee to reject the proposals.
Caroline Clayfield
I wasn't aware of this plan until my visit to the Cineworld last night (I now live in Ealing and am thus slightly out of the loop). I am absolutely horrified to hear of the plans and sincerely hope that the efforts to halt them are successful.
Morgan Ramsey
Outrageous. Absolutely outrageous.
I really don't know where to start on this. From every angle that ones looks at this, one finds something grotesque, excessive, transgressing and downright distasteful.
In fact, saving the local cinema would be reason alone to scrap over half of the potential plans of this development.
Having been born and brought up in Hammersmith, still living and working my professional life here as with many others on this message board, you may simply dismiss our concerns as overly sentimental, however as has already been pointed out by the dedicated Save Our Skyline group and the many contributors on this message board, there are practical and logical reasons why most of the plans proposed in their current form should be scrapped.
It would do you well to pay attention to the residents of Hammersmith and other like-minded people/groups to save yourselves from making a huge mistake and indeed, to save us from living in and around this huge mistake.
I would also like to add my thanks to the Save our Skyline group for all the work and effort they have put in to such an important and paramount issue affecting Hammersmith and its residents.
Dr Ahmed Khalil
The proposed development seems completely out of sync with the scale of the surrounding built fabric, merrily bulldozes the riverside environment to provide another set of banal high rises. More importantly, it eats into Furnival gardens and the much loved cinema to provide us with a set of concrete ramps and Tesco?! I strongly oppose almost every element of this development. Let s not build something that destroys everything we love about Hammersmith.
Shweta Sharma Bhatia
I come to London from time to time and I really enjoy to walk down the path along the Thames. It would be a really pity to destroy such a beautiful lanscape. I have been always admiring UK for their care for preservation!
franca zanin
Hammersmith deserves better than to be sold out. We want thoughtful aligned regeneration to improve and enhance our borough and are tired of having to constantly harbour the building whims of various developers. Keep our skyline, keep our cinema, and let's regenerate with a plan that we can be proud of!
Shaila Damji
This planning application raises the question as to whether permission would be granted for such a development if the Council itself was not a principal beneficiary of the scheme. The Council stand to gain a new town hall at no further cost. If Helical Bar had paid the Council cash to grant permission this would undoubtedly have been bribery of the highest order. Payment in kind is the same as payment in cash for bribery to be upheld under law. The only justification for this scheme is that the rate-payers themselves will receive a benefit in not having to finance the cost. However the general suitability of two 14 storey towers of luxury flats must be called into question as these two towers will dominate the skyline. There are other well know social issues as well such as the dispossession of the blind from their homes and the destruction of the local cinema. But above all it is the the two 14 storey towers , which is in the view of many, is a massive overdevelopment of the project. Indeed this excess makes the project so profitable for Helical Bar, that it can afford to give such generous concessions and inducements to the Council. This is what drives this project. BUT THIS GIVES RISE TO A SERIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST BY THE COUNCL. It is therefore imperative that this application, if granted by the Council, be subject to appeal, if only to protect the councillors voting in favour, from any allegation of bribery. Of course there should be a redevelopment and regeneration of the site, but this does not in any way justify excessive development to boost profits to such an extent that part of such profits can then be passed back to the Council in exchange for permission to be granted.
David Bowen-Jones
Please don't close down this lovely local cinema down for yet another Tescos. I went to this cinema when i was a child and take my children there. I live in White city but choose to use this cinema over the nearer Vue in shepherds bush. It is a focal point for the community where families can go to see a film without feeling the need to go and spend more money on other stuff, both the other cinemas are locared in shopping centers. We don't need Tesco's there is one in the tube station and a Sainsburys in Kings Mall not to mention the umpteen convienience stores on King st it's self.
amy hall
Please do NOT close Hammersmith Cinema. We DO NOT need another Tesco or any other Supermarket!!!!!
This is an accessible cinema in the middle of the residential district unlike the Park Royal Vue and outrageously expensive Westfield Vue.
Thank you.
Christina Whiteway
We consider the proposed development gross both in size and proportion. We also think that it blatantly favours commercial interest, and that of the prospective wealthy residents, rather than showing proper concern for those already living in an area which will be horribly blighted, or for visitors seeking recreation, relaxation and, above all, space by the river. This monstrous development will blot out sky and encroach on the riverside. And for what good? As far as we can see, only to reinforce this council's philistine and macho credentials: destroy or sell our heritage, build large (after all, they want to be noticed) and make money.
It is clear that this area is in need of development and refurbishment. We spoke today to resident one of the blocks earmarked for demolition. He was adamant that the Thomas Pocklington Trust had done little to maintain the buildings, which, in his view, are in a very poor state. In fact, he thought they ought to go, and was entirely in favour of the proposed development. And, certainly, we would be well rid of the extension to the Town Hall. But, surely, necessary and desirable change should provide an opportunity to add beauty and grace to our part of London, and to be of use to people in general, according to need rather than financial clout. And such an opportunity should not be used to destroy a unique, though already compromised, skyline.
Michael J. and Sheila M. Phelan
How is this development inclusive and of benefit to the community as a whole? Where are the affordable homes? Where are the replacement homes for the blind tenants who face eviction? Where is the replacement arts centre?
Is this really the kind of uncaring community that the council thinks it represents? Something has gone badly wrong.
Jasmine Daines Pilgrem
This sounds outrageous! This must be stopped.
simon bates
Why does new office space need to be built before filling the current empty office space in the borough, namely the Ark and Landmark House? I believe the Council should work to make sure this office space is utilized before building more. I object to seizing public land in Furnival Gardens for this project and the size and scale of the buildings proposed.
Jennifer Glasse
This has to be stopped, there are so many public and private buildings around Hammersmith that aren't being used.
There alto be cutting back???? So we can pay out Ireland, and build more buildings but we haven't got enough money for education, policing, etc!!!! This is out rage....
This needs to be stopped....
James Gray
I support objections to this proposed development which will irrevocably damage the historic Hammersmith riverside.
Rae Lewis
I am very disappointed that the historic river will be further undermined by this new development and that key parts of the historic Hammersmith and King Street will be lost.
John Paul Hamilton
An outrageous overdevelopment which I believe will be detrimental to local ressidents and a blight on the sorrounding area. There is a clear conflict of interest for the council which for such a major decision is unaceptable
This appears to serve no purpose other than the council and the developers greed.
William Barrett
Why is this happening ? what is the point ?
Of what use to the residents of Hammersmith is this scheme ?
yvonne lunde-andreassen
I am italian, i have loved hammersmith for a lot of time and therefore my home it is in front of the bridge.
Hammersmith has already paid a lot with the fast way,would be a big mistake this hammersmith town hall development.
I hope we manage to avoid this work
Massimo Amodio
I oppose the planned development at King Street, Hammersmith in the strongest possible terms. To ruin such an historic part of the London skyline would be an absolute crime. Additionally, Hammersmith roads could not provide the infrastructure for the number of extra residents in the new blocks of flats - and what would happen to the blind residents who would have to move out of their homes?? It is a proposterous idea and should be utterly condemned.
Elisabeth Eklof
I love skyscrapers and mid-rise towers, I think that skylines in the city and canary wharf look fantastic! however as much as these new developments create a new sense of beauty within the capital i feel that developments in areas such as hammersmith take away the quaint character that makes this area so unique. I urge the council not to make the mistakes that were made in the 60's and 70's and reconsider their position.
steve miller
The cinema at Hammersmith is the local cinema I've been going to regularly for over a decade now. Take that away, many of us wouldn't be able to travel further to quench their love for the movies.
More may end up turning to viewing pirated versions out of convenience which would hit the industry so hard that I wouldn't be surprised if a disenchanted generation resorts to antisocial crime and violence as an alternative mode of 'entertainment'.
There's a Tesco in Hammersmith Station, Sainsbury's in Kings Mall, M&S and Iceland on King Street. Do we REALLY need another supermarket?!
Also the idea of a residential complex in the midst of the busy hub of shops, restaurants and pubs-how 'practically' appealling is that? And let's not forget the probability of the one way street opening up to more bottlenecks and congestion along with an influx of surplus population crammed upon a small surface area.
Call this 'redevelopment'?... More of a recipe for utter chaos!
Minnie Ray
First and foremost what comes first in my mind.Well COMMUNITY and Communication which is in an important part of our everyday lives.This seems to have been overlooked by the ones,who want to tear this apart.
So those who have built their havens of peace and security are to be robbed,old who have made friends to wile away hours with,will no longer be able to enjoy the friendly chat which to them is precious a treasure unbound.As with all.
The wildlife will be destroyed their habitats uprooted, so much for protecting these.Why destroy landmarks that hold so much history and should be preserved for future generations,the craftsmen who erected buildings,did so with pride,such as the cinema,built in 1930 for the public,to go and have a relaxing night of entertainment.
This our heritage and should be protected and not n the blink of an eye,be bulldozed.Also more supermarkets,their is already enough to feed the multitude,more cars,more pollution.Small shopkeepers will lose out,their livelihood gone.The list is endless.
Also luxury flats that will tower above,will spoil the natural beauty of the area.All is pointless,already exists flats,which blend in with the scenery and more pleasant and not an eyesore.
It seems to me that nothing is sacred,replacing old with new,does not serve any purpose at all.To much of the enviroment in which we live is being disturbed,therefore before another step is taken think about a COMMUNITY being torn apart.Let the people who are involved in this plan DECIDE.
Peggy Barker
Do we really need yet another supermarket and to have the existing cinema and other buildings destroyed in order to erect a few more hideous skyscrapers? Plus the pollution and congestion in King Street which is already a traffic nightmare. I certainly say no to this.
Susan Hewson
Lived here 28 years and strongly object to the proposal because:
*One of the huge benefits of the area is the approach to the river. This will be ruined by 15 storey buildings.
*The whole area is littered with supermarkets. The last thing we need is another one.
*The cinema could be beautifully restored and be a really different attraction instead of yet another me too building.
*We need to strike a much better balance between luxury apartments and affordable housing.
peter ransley
To whom it may concern,
This proposal is yet another step towards the brutalisation of our environment, and is totally out of character with the area (or any area for that matter). For those who remember the 1960s, there was a similar march towards utilitarian and monolith architecture which is now typified by its absence, thank goodness. This self-aggrandisement of petty officialdom and arrogant architects does nothing for the people, or their heritage, and must be stopped. Count me in on its opposition.
Adrian Morrish
I strongly OBJECT to the planned demolition and redevelopment of the Hammersmith Cineworld building in Kings Street, Hammersmith. This building is part of London's cultural heritage. Built in 1936, it remains a delightful venue hearkening back to the heyday of British cinemas. It would, indeed, be a great shame to lose this culturally significant London landmark.
Carl Ford
Yes...the cinema is a bit on the shabby side....but I love it!!!There is something cosy about it, it's spacious, not like the new cinemas (i have a bigger screen at home than some of the new ones (!)) and the exterior facade of the building still says 'Welcome to London'! Hammersmith is not exactly the most picturesque of places and amazingly, it is this cinema that adds an element of class and enticement to the area. The last thing Hammersmith needs is the creation of a future ghetto to hang out in. Invest part of the funds in the cinema
Frank Reino
In essence it seems that the proposal is to destroy the historic skyline, remove local amenities (including the cinema), disrupt the recreational areas on the riverside and evict powerless members of our community in order to build more luxury apartments, supermarkets and offices. Surely we already have enough of these. I find it difficult to believe that there are any members of the local community for whom the provision of more of these "facilities" is important.
Roger Francis
I am not a Hammersmith and Fulham resident but use & love the King Street Cinema very often. I am dissapointed to learn about the plans to knock it down. Please save the cinema as it will be very missed.
olga Saliba
The riverside walk upstream of Hammersmith Bridge is one of great views of "Old London", whichever side of the river you are standing on.
It is an absolute treasure and to have a backdrop of looming buildings of little or no architectural value is a total nonsense.
I am also concerned about how much of Furnival Gardens will be affected by the ramp which seems to be quite intrusive even if you turn your back on the proposed buildings.
However, all of this is as nothing compared to the decision to uproot and displace a community of tenants who are visually impaired and blind. This is the action of councillors who have obviously never experienced any disadvantage them selves and never had to rely on their council to protect them.
If this plan goes forward and you want me to come and sit in on the site just send me the e-mail!
Dennis Charman
I do agree that the 70s ugly carbuncle should be demolished for the 1930 beautiful Deco building to be seen. But I strongly disagree with the demolition of the cinema. The cinema just need a bit more attention and as I go to that cinema almost every week, I noticed that there are a lot of improvements recently. The cinema is looking better and better. But there are few spaces within the cinema, like former shops that are not in use. Could those be used? We do not need another huge Tesco here. We do not need huge 9 story building. There is plenty of space at the back of the cinema currently used as a derelict car park, please use that space for max 3 story building. Why not to develop what you already have.
Please, save the skyline.
Veronika Sarikova
Totally behind you.
Davina & Malcolm Judelson
No doubt the council is acting on the principle that Hammersmith has already been ruined, so what difference will some more ugly buildings make? That is not a reason for this appalling plan, which serves no purpose for the people of Hammersmith, rich or poor. London is being steadily destroyed by over development. Ordinary people should take a stand against it wherever they can.
Magnus Grimond
Looks like a monstrosity based on the plans, and will spoil my enjoyment of the Barnes river skyline. Please, please, please do not approve this.
Mike Emes
A completely inappropriate scheme that will spoil the skyline, displace vulnerable residents and remove a much loved cinema form the community. It really is a case of poacher turned game keeper with the Council having the power to pass through planning a scheme which will line the pockets of the developers and give the Council something for nothing, as they do not see losing our skyline of any importance
Fay Llewellyn
Any company that wants to move Blind people for there own ends (Profit) should be bought to book
Bill Williams
As the council have a vested interest in this development, it surely should be legally questionable for them to approve what is essentially their own application. Someone in government should be stepping in.
Frances Hardcastle
we don't need another supermarket in the area, we do need affordable housing.
Deek Good
There are many other things that could be done to regenerate an area, that don't involve the building of something that ruins the lovely waterfront.
Claire Moore
I agree that the existing town hall is an eyesore that should be redeveloped, but what is planned will not be an improvement and is a complete overdevelopment of the site.
beverley bayes
After the Broadway, please not another Orwellian development in Hammersmith. The area is historic and beautiful and the proposed development vandalises our local heritage. Please take on board the concerns of the local community.
John McGeoghan
What is planned here now is more of that 1970's extension hall re-hash, but worse, much worse, because it is bigger and more imposing still.
The area would acquire a set of buildings that are ubiquitous, unimaginative, uninspiring, over-imposing and depressing to look at. The exact opposite of what long-lasting and effective architecture is all about. This planned proposal is simply a display of number-economics (fulfilling quotas, attaining developers funding to subsidise council's new offices) over quality and beauty.
There is enough research out there today to prove that this way of thinking is counterproductive to community life and is false economics. It promotes drone-living, quickly loses its appeal, is less cared for and ends up attracting crime, vandalism and despondency.
Christine McKeown
Ban all skyscrapers
Amanda Loveday
Am appalled and quite frankly furious about the development proposals by the current council.The effect on the skyline will be drastic,the loss of low cost housing,the cinema and part of the beautiful Furnival gardens scandalous.I urge the council to reconsider these plans and listen to what the local residents have to say
dougray scott
Please don't destroy a beautiful stretch of the river!
Ben Brown
I feel this proposed development is tiotrally inappropriate for the area. Hammersmith is a unique place and has a historic and very special atmosphere in relation tio its surrounding area and to the riverside. A huge modern development would be totally inappropriate.
P Byrne
My children and I love the walk and enjoy the uninterupted view. Why do this here just because its been done all over london and all over the country. it is not in the interest of the people who live there. I will oppose any planning application for the proposed decimation of the area.
auben dique
Completely out of character with the area and the scope and size of the development now put forward is much larger than what the residents were initially consulted on.
Daniel Maung
Leave Hammersmith alone: it does not need any of these so-called improvements, which are utterly out of keeping with its character and which will benefit only the few instead of the very many. These proposals seem to be fuelled by greed, not need.
Joanna Barlow
Please let's do everything we can to rescue the cinema! Underneath the slight neglect it's a gorgeous Deco building which given enthusiasm and a bit of capital could be just as fun and glam a venue as the Ritzy, Electric, Chelsea etc. Also, the proposed apartment blocks are far too high - we want King Street to start looking more like Chiswich High Street, not like Chelsea Harbour, or, worse, Hammersmith Broadway.

Anna Lucas
Please please save the cinema on King St.
It's a beautiful, charismatic building; completely true to its age and style and an impressive asset for the area.
What a wonderful thing - to have a good cinema within walking distance of so many homes.
It needs a marketing programme, not demolition.
Helena Brown
It is scandalous that a cinema that is a valuable community resource is to be demolished so that developers can put up luxury flats.
laurence earle
the proposed development would damage the character of the area, leading to more copycat shoeboxes in the sky and starving small shops of trade. we need a humane approach, not a corporate one otherwise the result will be regressive, comparable in its own grim way to the disaster which is the existing town hall extension. back to the drawing board!
Allegra Mostyn-Owen
Moved to Barnes from one lovely area (West Sussex) to another, around 18 mths ago. Loved this area first moment I saw it. Its perfect and I dont want it to change.
Lauren Magee
We were at the last meeting and I wrote to Nigel Pallance and the two MP's involved and have received a completely dismissive letter.They don't seem to want to listen so we will try to be at the meeting Monday 6th.December. In this age of austerity their attitude is completely ridiculous. Obvioulsy there is a lot in it for the council and councillors.
Jeremy and Marilyn Roberts
I am fully in favour of your campaign.
Alan Bullion
We must resist the spread of high rise buildings along the riverside and where they impact on the views and settings of listed buildings. Look at the riverside in Wandsworth for comparison.
Andrew Duncan
Truly horrified at the enormity of this proposed irresponsible development!
- Needless destruction of existing buildings and community facilities.
- Imposition of intrusive oversized buildings which will destroy the rural and low key look of the current river skyline and mar the view from miles around
- Furthermore, do people really want to live/work in characterless high rise buildings?
- architects/planners/developers wake up and take note of local people, local needs, listen to local views PLEASE.
I quote David Cameron:
Any chance of this Councillors/Developers?
margaret Fruchter
Shepherds Bush has been devastated by the White City developement. It could have been a traffic free green park. Please don't let the Council, planners,architects and developers continue the decline, overcrowding/high density and congestion.
Donald Howarth
Odd that the residents are now fighting in part to protect Furnival Gardens when the Council for so long posed as proetcting the gardens from a threat that never actually existed from the 'super sewer'!
Chris Underwood
Nothing to add, only to say I like everyone else I know in the neighbourhood agree that the project should be stopped, or amended at all cost.
David Casolani
Please stop this development now. Listen to the voices of the local community. I fully support Save Our Skyline.
patricia wheeler
As a resident of Barnes, I look across the river to Hammersmith almost daily, and find the idea of the skyline on the north bank being changed in the way implied by the proposed plans completely shocking.
Anthony Paish
Let's redevelop King Street! But let's ensure it's redeveloped in a way that preserves the character of the community. The council's plan will transform the area
into yet another bland commercial centre, stripping it of its unique features such as the cinema and the Friends Meeting House and replacing them with over-sized unimaginative units including chain stores that threaten small businesses.
Diana Shaw Clark
Astonishing that the Council and its officers think this kind of development vandalism is a good idea. But if you spend too much time fawning to property developers, and not enough time talking to residents, your view of the world and your values get skewed. I wouldn't want to be remembered as the person who made the Hammersmith skyline look like Croydon or Basingstoke.
Andrew Curry
There are a number of fundemental flaws with this plan. To name just a few: Height of tower blocks unacceptable, planned bridge over A4 unattractive and ramp in Furnival Gardens is very intrusive (why not use the underpass?). Loss of cinema is very disappointing as is the impact on other displaced local tenants. I could go on. This plan needs radical changes to be fair and reasonable to all parties.
Michael Davies
Please think again, Hammersmith Councillors.
This development is of no benefit except to the development company.
The proposals for the blind residents to be evicted from the Pocklington Trust flats are shameful.
King Street could use some tlc, but this is wanton destruction of its much-appreciated character.
The footbridge is a misuse of funds and an eyesore that will spoil Furnivall Gardens; I would prefer a pedestrian crossing on the road and to keep the views.
In my opinion you could build above the car park to the height of the Town Hall, include council offices, flats (some affordable), with big balconies to encourage gardening, have a rooftop garden and cafe to earn money; and keep all the good and useful buildings like the cinema and flats.

Suzanna Harris
It would be a real shame to spoil a picturesque stretch of river.
Robert Snuggs
I have lived just off King Street in Hammersmith all of my life -43 years. I am quite frankly stunned by these plans which have absolutely no sympathy for the history of the area and are quite simply all about the council making money and nothing else. This part of King Street doesn't NEED regenerating. Furnival Gardens doesn't NEED landscaping. It will be devastating to what is left of the character and history of area to demolish the 1930s cinema (which I have been using since I was a child) and replace it with yet another supermarket (when there are already far too many within walking distance) and to demolish the beautiful mansion blocks in Cromwell Avenue to replace them with ugly modern multi- story homes for the rich. The area will not be able to cope with the traffic during and after the building process. This is a quieter part of Kings Street -practically the only part that is nowadays. I believe, as a long term resident of Hammersmith that these are some of the worst, saddest and ugliest plans that have been proposed for the area.
Joy Cox
It is hard to believe that anybody could seriously propose a scheme on this scale for this site. The Council is obviously being led by the nose.
christopher Owen
Maybe I misread the reasons - however a major reason for not doing this is the cost ... it goes alongside one of the first things the tories did being changing all the id cards for home helps etc to blue!
how does this fit with the cuts eh? I on;t agr with the cuts - but this eems a major flouting of what the condems nationally wish to condemn us to ....
what about the disruption for months
and why does hammersmith need more luxury appartments - what a a blatant gerrymandering of future votes!
debbie gee
This is not 'regeneration', it is destruction. Hammersmith has always been a residential area and not a company business district.
Where is the democracy this Tory council harps on about?
A 14 storey building would put Hammersmith closer to the building heights of the working city, if not higher. I work in a large city building that is only 9 storeys high. It is important to keep Hammersmith in keeping with the residential neighbourhood it is well-known for. And I stress 'Residential Neighbourhood'.
Whilst the area could manage a quite a few more residents, to have over 5000 new residents would overcrowd Ravenscout Park and the tube stations and buses. We would require extra transport to get the residents to the nearest Station.
Whilst I understand the need for residential buildings, I think that 7 storeys should be the highest in this new renjuvenation.
The proposed building structure is ugly and box-like. Very much like some of the buildings being teared down today. It would be pathetic if in 20years from now, Hammersmith was stuck with another ugly Town Hall surrounded by other ugly buildings that needed tearing down. What a waste of money that would be. If you are going to do something...It should be done last more that a lifetime and in keeping with the style of Hammersmith. I think Hammersmith is the best area in West London. Lets keep it that way and impove it.
Victoria Phillips
It does seem that the Council is giving itself permission for a development that none of the residents want. This must be stopped and rethought - there must be a better way forward.
Sarah Mumford
This is currently and indisputedly one of the most beautiful parts of our precious Thames riverscape. It is currently spoilt, but only minimally, by the presence of the 7 storey Town Hall but will be catastrophically ruined by two 14+ storey tower blocks and the large buildings planned to surround them and also the unnecessary bridge to the much-loved and well-used Furnivall Gardens, which will reduce both its size and open appearance.
There is absolutely no need locally for yet another supermarket and all the lorry traffic it entails - while the loss of the cinema is locally very significant. Traffic/parking implications of the new lare scale luxury housing is obviously of concern to all local residents as congestion is already a major issue.
Barbara Whiteford
Leave King Street Alone!!
I'm concerned that bringing more residential accommodation with 'riverside access' will overcrowd the area and bring more traffic, pollution and general congestion to an already very densely populated area. The skyline will be affected and that has a big impact on the peacefulness of the riverside. Only those few people who will afford these flats will benefit from the beauty of the river at the expense of the hundreds of people who go there everyday to enjoy it.
Anar Ansel
London has few enough relatively unspoiled places - the Hammersmith riverside (at least north of Hammersmith bridge) is one of them.
This stinks of back-pocket cash from developers to cousellors.
Berkeley Edwards
The views down river have been spoiled by high rise buildings - Putney, Wandsworth in particular. Let's keep the Hammersmith view low rise and on a human scale.
Monica Peyton
Why ruin an idyllic place for the sake of making more money for developers and the supermarkets? Who would want these flats anyway apart from investors? This application should be rejected outright.
Mrs Philpot
The proposed development is not appropriate to this area and both scale and massing are unacceptable.
The proposals should be reconsidered and amended to provide a more considered solution to the development of this site.
The redesign process would undoubtedly benefit from the involvement of CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment),
who provide independent advice to community groups, local authorities, developers and professionals to help create better
buildings and spaces for developments such as these.

Gillian Lyons
I support the re-development but am completely against the intended size of the apartment block.
Dominic Parr
I am totally opposed to this destructive scheme, harming many interests in the community. The Council has entirely failed in its duty to the community and to cloak this scheme as one of regeneration is a disgrace and should be challenged in the strongest of terms.
Michelle Churchward
This Council is only interested in doing behind the scene deals with their friends in the building development industry and have the fat cat Stephen Greehalgh go on TV or post a video justifying its need to bolster its budget received from those other chancers in Government. This same Council forbids a loft extension it allows huge towering structures and advertising hoardings to dominate the skyline.Double standards have operated for years her- whichever Party is in power. This current bunch are not interested in listening to residents' concerns but promote themselves to allcomers ,here and abroad, to come and land on Hammersmith for their business development whilst depriving the local community of services and leisure places already in existence. Quite why they cannot spruce up the subway under the A4 instead of building a bridge too far over it and into the already-beleagerd Furnival Gardens is staggering.
David Threlfall
How to destroy historic buildings, a valuable amenity and a historic skyline in one simple move. Well done the council.
Mark Levesley
The proposed development is not appropriate to this area and both scale and massing are unacceptable.
The proposals should be reconsidered and amended to provide a more considered solution to the development of this site. The redesign process would undoubtedly benefit from the involvement of CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment), who provide independent advice to community groups, local authorities, developers and professionals to help create better buildings and spaces for developments such as these.

Heidi Pfeiffer
A few years back a similar proposal was planned and there was considerable anger and oposition then. Nothing happened so I had assummed that they were not considering anything further.
It seems the developers are back with a vengence and building higher and putting a foot bridge over toFurnival Gardens.
I am against this new proposal as we are already overcrowded and one of the joys of living in Hammersmith is being able to walk by the river .
This development looks far too big for the available space and would be a blight on the skyline. They must rethink the design.
Esra Parr
Hammersmith Council must not be allowed to spoil one of the most picturesque areas of the borough as they have done in so many other places. This development is not needed, is ugly and will bring further congestion to our roads. Is this the best the developers could come up with by just tearing down the buildings and the heart of Hammersmithand to just put up high concrete blocks instead - great idea - NOT! Please do not make residents have to move away from this wonderful area.
Gillian Lyons
Hammersmith riverside and low skyline is precious, frames unique historic architecture and is in harmony with the bridge and surrounding vistas - a joy not just for people in Barnes but for thousands of river travellers and, not least, artists.
Please don't let's spoil the whole area, not to mention the sunsets and the morning light, with unnecessary, overdeveloping, light-blocking, extravagant high rise buildings.
Lynda Glennie
Lived in the area for 20 years and love it. But many aspects of this project are out of kilter with what local people want. Apart from anything else the designs are lacking in imagination, excitement, freshness and verve. I wouldn't want to go back in time and reproduce buildings similar to what we have now. We have to move on into the 21st Century. So how about a modern design which excites and enthralls. We have seen many examples throughout the UK and world whcih combine the old with the new so why not in Hammersmith?
Neil Jackson
I can't see the justification for building of this height being built in that part of Hammersmith. I agree that the current Town Hall building is an eye-sore and may well no longer be fit for purpose but the proposal for a huge tower block seems unnecessary and not even in keeping with the surrounding area in Hammersmith, quite apart from the negative impact it would have on the sky-line . it is bad enough that the hideous Premier Inn was given planning permission, let alone this.
silvia Montello
With proposed merger of Super Councils (of H&F, RBKC and Westminster) what justification is there for this over-development and blight on our landscape?
Merlene Emerson
The proposed building will not only ruin the skyline but cause great distruption to all the residents of the area in addition to forcing people to move, some of whom are elderly and have lived in the blocks for decades. The proposal makes it imposible for thos residents to be able to stay in that area as the new housing will not be affordable.
It does nothing to improve the area only enable people with money to push out happy residents.
Rachel Bailey
The petition is signed on behalf of the above and the 30 residential property owners comprising the estate
Lord Napier Place Residents Ltd
Have the Council consider renting The Ark for offices?
Gabriela Enis
It is the skyline I'm worrried about and the precedent it could lead to.
Janey Stevens
The proposed development on Hammersmith's riverside is totally unacceptable. It's 100% over-development and will cause demonstrable harm because of the planned height of the new blocks which will destroy the wonderful historical line of architecture enjoyed by everyone who visits the River Thames at this spot.
This development must go back to the drawing-board!
Cllr Rita Palmer
Buildings of this height have ruined central Hammersmith in the last fifty years. These ugly tower blocks would do the same to western Hammersmith.
Ned Pakenham
It's an absolute disgrace that the cinema is going to be destroyed. This is an iconic building and a fantastic resource for the area. I also think it is utterly unacceptable that the council should ride rough shod over the community's views and arbitrarily alter the planning permission to allow a hugely increased height of development without public consultation
Penny Attridge
Awful project. Thank you to whoever is spending time to oppose this. I really mean that - thank you.
Mark Capstick
The skyline is particularly pleasant on this stretch of the river and it would be a massive shame to ruin it. So many of the old and interesting aspects of London are being ruined by ugly, and often unnecessary, new builds that are badly designed with absolutely no regard for the surrounding area. It is really time that more residents showed their concern regarding this issue, earlier rather than moaning about it when it is too late and another beautiful piece of London has been sullied.
Mrs Elizabeth McDowell
As someone born in Hammersmith it is sad to see the character and essence of the community lost by unnecessary and unneeded development
Robert Charig
please keep our sky beautiful!
carron wright
This is Hammersmith council gone mad or perhaps lots of money is involved and someone somewhere is getting a slice of the pie?
Roberta Bonometti
This development is totally out of scale and will dominate the area and degrade views from the other side of the river.
Francis Brown
As a resident of Richmond, I am concerned that this would set a precedent for high rise development in residential areas which residents do not want.
It is equally imprtant to preserve London's historic river views.
This part of Hammersmith has a character all its own. If this goes ahead, perfectly pleasant and historic buildings will have to be sacrificed for what will effectively be a concrete jungle and wind tunnel.
Mrs P E Lean
It would be shameful to destroy the skyline with these high-rise buildings. I am hoping this will never happen.
Isabelle Benard
Hammersmith does not need another supermarket, it does need a cinema. It does not need a bridge over A4 damaging both sides of the road.
Jenny Clare Welch
As a previous St. Paul's border, this development would have changed my view.
A.D. Long
How dare they change Hammersmith's most historic and attractive feature, their job is to preserve our heritage not ruin it
Andrew Burroughs
Save the skyline!
Rodrigo Alonso
Paris, Rome and all other beautiful cities in Europe rigorously control their skylines. London must do the same.
John Hemming
you have my full support i object to the new devlopment
ernie sheriff
This proposal typefies the way the Tories seem to be ignorant of every value that isn't monetary.
Huw Spanner
I grew up in the borough and still regularly use and enjoy the unique riverside location,as well as King Street amenities. This development is utterly out of scale for the area and would undoubtedly compromise quality of life for long term residents. The extreme nature of the proposals underscores the council's arrogance and their true purpose - selling off H&F assets. Once built, the damage will not be able to be undone. Very worrying and to be opposed strongly.
Nisha Jani
I do support the online petition and ask the authorities to stop that project.
It seems incredible that our council would allow a high rise scheme that defaces a conservation area, that nobody wants, that includes a supermarket that is not needed and which destroys the cinema and throws vulnerable people out of their homes and devours a large part of Furnival Gardens. For heavens sake WHY? I thought the council was meant to represent us not sell us down the river! Please reconsider.
Virginia Prime
The destruction of the riverscape which would be the result of this development wouold be a major act of vandalism. Hammersmith's greatest asset is teh river frontage, partuclarly from teh bridge upstream, and this must be preseved. One only has to look at the view from the Ship pub and nearby towards teh bridge to see how the looming bulk of Charing Cross Hospital destroys the view to see what impact the proposed development would have on a much more senstive stretch of the river
Iain Whiteford
please can the council think about the current residents of king street rather than the property developers when considering the future of hammersmith.
we're afraid our neighbourhood will become croydonised. council members will have that on their conscience. (or maybe they'll be proud of it?)
mark reaveley
This development would totally ruin South Hammersmith
We would be unable to enjoy the 1930's listed Town Hall with
the big ugly bridge in the way and the skyline, especially from the river would be spoilt. What is the point of knocking down part of the Town Hall, only to build more large office blocks ?
Miranda Kemlo
I think like most people this development is far to big & obtrusive for the area. It will dominate the skyline for miles arround & ruin the beautiful riverside views we all enjoy with more soulless glass & steel. It will create an even bigger wind tunnel & where are the affordable flats people in the area so desperately require. I was informed that the shops & cafes in part of the developement would help finance the scheme. I stopped counting how many empty shop fronts I saw yesterday on King Street. Where are all these investors suddenly going to come from. I'ts going to make a bad situation worse now that Westfield is slowly sucking the life out of King Street. Losing the cinema will also take people away from the area in the evenings. Goodbye to the cafes & restaurants which make the area interesting. One last point do we expect the area to bounce back to life as it did after the 1990/1991 recession. Sadly I think that will be a real struggle.
Roger Wakely
The two proposed tower blocks should be reduced in height.
John Caute
Although the present Town Hall is not attractive, it is very important to keep the skyline behind the beautiful riverside properties in balance. This is not the City of London, it is a residential area, and therefore must be in human form proportion.
diana ward
I strongly oppose this scheme. It is far to tall and dense. It will ruin important views. It is developer rather than community lead. The 1900 flats and 1930s cinema must be kept. The footbridge is misguided. Please please reconsider. It seems a huge cost for new council offices.
Coll McDonnell
Having removed the hideous town hall extension, why dwarf the lovely old 1930s town hall with more high rise development? This design wouldn't appeal to anyone other than the people making a profit from these plans. There is still an opportunity to make this scheme work, please listen to the local community before proceeding.
Natasha Reid
Another blot on the landscape - when will we learn!! I bet Prince Charles wouldn't approve!
Glenis Malone
Please consider your legal and moral duty to the public and the environment. The planning department in Hammersmith is, yet again, proving to seek to be a law unto its own - seemingly without any regard to the law, the government, or the public it is there to serve.
Jayne Harvey
let's join forces to stop this obscene project
antonio tomassini
I have lived in Hammersmith most of my life. I was born and raised in the area before attending uni and when finished i didn't want to live anywhere else in London. The stretch of river by the bridge is beautiful and but there is no denying Kings Street needs improving. Yes the existing town hall is a bit ugly, but destroying the landscape with a large urban development is not the way to improve the area. Furnival Gardens is lovely and i find it outrageous that it will be touched at all. Do the council not care about local residents opinions and views? The same people who vote and elect them in? The local cinema was the first cinema i ever went to and i still go regularly. It is a lovely building. Do not destroy it. Especially for a supermarket.
Shane Kenneally
Please do not destroy the skyline with these high buildings. One of my most major objections is to this ugly ramp and walkway which I can see instantly would be a suicide risk, not to mention an ideal getaway for muggers. People will jump off the end of the walkway before it turns into the ramp.
Monica Dolan
I am 100% opposed to these proposals. Is there not plenty of empty council offices in the borough that could be used, including buildings that they are proposing to sell. If they MUST demolish then build on the car park. In the current financial state this country is in, new council offices are at the very bottom of the list.
Marion Lipson
I am totally opposed to this scheme. The council is conflicted and in my opinion, in gross breach of its duty to the community.
Michelle Churchward
There is no reason to spoil the beautiful waterfront further with a backdrop of failed planning.
The damage to Furnival Gardens is wholly unwarrented given the presence of two underpasses and is irrational and cannot meet the test of a properly conducted impact assessment and cost benefit analysis. Regardless of the impact on the skyline the current plans are likely open to judicial review.
Xavier Mooyaart
Most concerned about another ugly and oversized developement in the local area, especially the height. Any new developement should aim to be in keeping with best parts of the surrounding area and allowing such a tall and big developement would spoil the area.
Mrs Elizabeth Fagerlund
I've written a letter to express my concerns & received a generic reply that didn't address my questions and covered areas about which I hadn't asked.
I heard from the Planning Department at LBHF recently that if I convert my basement into a separate flat, there would be no option for any new tennant or owner to have a residents parking permit. Yet the same council will potentially issue 500-600 parking permits less than a mile away from my house.
I'm disgusted by the surreptitious changing of plans from their submission. The plans about which residents were originally consulted have changed hugely and the council's own recommendations (height of buildings etc) are now being flaunted with the excuse that more and more housing is the only way for the contractors to recoup their investment. Where will it end? If the economy doesn't recover sufficiently or costs increase will we end up with another 7 storey height increase?
Alice Sisson
My flat, from the opposite bank of the Thames, directly overlooks the site from Castelnau Mansions, and the skyline is highly visible. There has as yet been no consultation with residents in N.Barnes: I believe this is required by law.
Professor William Callaway
If the proposed development proceeds in its current form, the local community will be the losers. A pointless bridge with huge concrete ramps, too high buildings, ruined river skyline, unwanted supermarket, blind locals having to leave their flats, and demolition of local cinema are a few of the negatives. I am struggling to find a positive....oh, could they be expensive flats and new Council offices....?
Annie Walter
This planning project would ruin all the best parts of Hammersmith. The cinema and Iranian restaurant play a central role in the social lives of many young and old residents of both the Hammersmith and Chiswick areas and are very popular places. You need only visit them on a Friday night to see how hopping and vibrant they are. The large influx of people who come from Chiswick to Hammersmith for entertainment would be lost if this went ahead, because they would have to go much further away to Shepherd's Bush in order to use the cinema there. Therefore a large part of the small businesses such as corner stores would lose out from the wealth that would be lost along with these frequent visitors, when they already face difficulties with how they fare. Furthermore, do we really need another big supermarket like Tescos when there are already three within five minutes walk of each other?
Tim Freeman
We are opposed to this development. Why does it have to be so high? It will cost a vast amount of money. How can the council/developers justify another supermarket? The new skyline would be atrocious - it will kill any light to the proposed new square (is the square really necessary? - we have one down by the Lyric, a stone's throw away). Let us keep the cinema too and give it a well-deserved refurbishment - if the council/developers are able to dispose of it, why not refurbish? Encourage people to spend cinema time in H'smith not elsewhere!
Billie & Melville Trimble
This appalling scheme satisfies none of the criteria in the original brief - back to the drawing board.
Bill Weston
I cannot see that King's Street needs either a new supermarket, nor a 14 story tower block with luxury flats. It does need a cinema. Without a cinema, we would have to walk to Shepherd's Bush or Fulham, neither convenient. Although I think the new square is a good idea, it would be dwarfed by the buildings around it, and therefore be mostly in shadow. Please Council, think again.
Louise Wilson
The Council's approach to consultation (none) and the design of the towers (hideous) are pretty much what Stalin did in the USSR.
Judy Weston
This massively out-of-scale development will destroy the unique quality of this historic part of London. There is no need for a footbridge when there is a working underpass already - encroaching on Furnival Gardens risks seriously effecting the beautiful historic houses on the river front. The creation of some luxury flats will not compensate for the what will be lost.

sara gronmark
This is not a plan to benefit the long term development of Hammersmtih but one based purely on a short-term monetary gain.
Shame on all of those people who have taken part in the planning process.
So disappointed
Lisa MacDonald
The proposed development is a greedy and appalling abuse of the local area. Anyone who can possibly think that destroying a historic piece of architecture and cultural hub such as the cinema, and replacing it with yet another supermarket, is a good idea clearly does not have the area's best interests in mind. The subways are more than adequate even in their current state, so why put another blot on the landscape with a totally pointless and disruptive footbridge? Totally mad. Redevelopment is about preserving as much as building, and if we're ruining skylines, blocking views and destroying historic structures we're not redeveloping. Luxury appartments are also completely at odds with both the current economic climate, residents' interests and the needs of the local environment as a whole. The plans are absurd, disgusting and deeply troubling.
James Dennis
The consultation process has been at best tokenistic. Hammersmith Council must hear the voice of its residents who are NOT in favour of this development.
Renata Albuquerque
I was delighted to hear the town hall extension was being demolished. But now I see what is planned in its place, it's from the frying pan and into the fire. What on earth are they doing ? Do they want H'Smith to be a high-rise inner-city tip or have a civilised sky line like the nice neighbouring areas of Chiswick, Barnes and Kensington nearby? What are we trying to be like Haringey or Southwark? Words fail me.
Oliver Barclay
We really don't need to destroy another stretch of River. Hammersmith is one bodged section of derelict riverside development after another. The council and developers should sort out the mistakes of the past before they ever get permission to ruin another.
michael jones
I am against this scheme that developers purposing to us. I would like to keep our area less traffic and less polluted and community spirited so our next generation should enjoy unique feel of Hammersmith. it's our duty to fight against it.
Suzi Bold
Thank you for your hard work in opposing this scheme. I fully support you.
cynthia ransley
As a W6 resident I strongly object to the proposed scheme, now that the full plans have been revealed. This is clearly another case where profits for developers are being put before people and the preservation of the built environment at historic Hammersmith riverside.
Alexandra Noble
This is the nightmare scenario for Hammersmith, BUT IT CAN BE PREVENTED. The current administration's track record of waving through profit-driven developments that are demonstrably not in the public interest is widely perceived as shameful. This proposal is no different, revealing clear conflicts of interest. I support any legal challenge along the lines described at the Public Meeting. A 'Big Society'petition to Downing Street with national media coverage may also concentrate the Council's minds towards a radical rethink. Otherwise, as the Leader of the Council himself stated, we can vote them out. This is beside the point - the real prize is to stop this juggernaut before it's too late.
Francis Graham-Dixon
I strongly object to the plans as they currently stand. I'm not opposed to regeneration of the area in principle but do object to the 14-storey blocks, the forced eviction of the blind, and the destruction of Furnival Gardens. The footbridge should be sited on the other side of the town hall and I really don't want another supermarket - would much rather keep the lovely cinema.
Elizabeth Patterson
don't do it
Jason de Vyea
We don't need another Tescos and more concrete. We need to keep what little affordable housing that is left.
Lisa Ward
I wholly oppose this planned development, which seems entirely unnecessary in its scale and scope. It will have very adverse consequences for the entire area and should not be allowed to happen. I thought we were supposed to be trying to save money and cut unnecessary public expenditure given the crisis that we face, not increase it.
Nicolas Evans
This has to be stopped. The council are stealing and destroying our public space! This will cause mass cultural destruction! Destruction to OUR Precious green space and totally unique riverfront! Destruction to all the communities in the area! Don't be fooled by the developpers all they are interested in is A MONETARY REWARD from their work they do not care about our community or our way of life or the things that are precious to us down here in hammersmith. They just want to sell their flats and make their money at our expense - that is why they are stealing our park, our cinema and our totally unique riverfront and skyline. There is nowhere like this in London and probably nowhere like this in the world. I have travelled alot around the world and our river front is the most beautiful part of any city i have ever been into and the river at sunset with its boats and atmosphere is breathtaking and unique. Don't let them steal it from us they will not stop if they succeed here they will look for more and more "lay" areas to develop. Why not lets develop a portobello type regeneration scheme in hammersmith that brings richness and colour into all our lives and protects us against exactly this kind of metality!!! TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!
Ed Christopher
How can the council possibly claim that most residents are in favour of the scheme? Everyone I know who has seen visuals of the two fourteen-storey towers (which neither the council nor the developers' PR agency would provide, until now) has had the same reaction: "That's terrible! I had no idea!" None of those people have been involved in the consultations we're told took place over the last three years - we live less than a quarter mile from the proposed development and we have been asked nothing and told little enough.
I have seen the Council's development brief of three years ago and it is full of good sense, recommending a sensitive development and one that heritage and community groups will support. What on earth went wrong? As I understand it, ALL the local amenity groups AND English Heritage vigorously oppose the scheme as it stands.
Will the Council not understand: high-rise development plus retail does not equal regeneration. Look at King's Mall, look at the Broadway - when the next big development comes along (Westfield 2.0?) the previous generation breaks down in no time at all to discount stores and empty units. And for this we are to lose people's homes of forty years, forcibly evict blind tenants and close a viable community cinema? PLEASE think again.
Mairi Bastin
As a resident I wholly disagree with the proposed development.
I don't want another eyesore to contend with in the neighbourhood.
Whilst I am in favour of improving the overall feel of the area this development is entirely too much.
Mark Jones
These proposals are shameful and destructive.
Vivienne Lukey
I fully support the Save Our SkyLine campaign.
Aldo Burton
The proposed scale of the building - particularly in terms of height and impact is completely inappropriate while the proposed services and use of the are to no meet local community needs. This should not be allowed to go ahead
Tabitha Elwes
This is vandalism. Much worse than the existing dodgy extension. I can't believe that these are the same people who objected to my 8 Square meter side return in 'Brackenbury Village' ! Unbelievable.
kev whelan
It would be a crying shame if this went up
Amanda Southfield
We want a sympathetic redevelopment not this!!
michelle cacheux
I just think of Premier Inn and shudder at the thought of more high rise buildings. As it is, King St is a congested eyesore. This will definitely magnify the problem. What about building another primary school? We are in desperate need of more school space.
Justin Hingorani
Any development should be sympathetic and sensitive to the local community and the needs of the most vulnerable.
Joanne Gilhooly
This is really quite unnecessary. Hammersmith is already too blocked up with traffic and pollution, and all this proposes is more problems.
Ben Baptie
I am against the 14-16 Story tower block/council offices which will create misery for many including displacing a blind residents group.
Amanda Howe
Amardeep Chana
please don't do this obscene thing!
shola aleje
You only have to look at the photograph above - it says it all. Surely there are enough concerned residents who work in media who could alert the relevant people to this scheme, to draw public attention to the sheer unpleasantness at its core. Blind people being made homeless, a bridge that will not only entirely wreck Furnivall Gardens but will only be there so that the luxury flats can realistically enjoy 'river access'; another supermarket within yards of several others (Tesco, naturally - the heart well and truly plummets); the needless demolition of the cinema (which, yes, needs considerable attention, but not elimination), and utterly needless tower blocks ruining the skyline. They very cynically play on our pride for our area and the nostalgia associated with its history - phrases like 'linking Hammersmith with the river once more' and 'bringing back the public square in front of the town hall' are all over their literature, but this is all crap. The scheme is a disaster.
Charles Edwards
That's absolutely hideous looking. What a bunch of visual perverts.
Sophie Foster
I heard about this proposal and was not surprised at all. We are all aware that the council neither knows what they are doing nor do they really think about what they are doing when concocting these hideous ideas. I believe they only ever look at what they will earn out of any certain project they suggest. They always err away from the truth when notifying the public.
G Henderaon
I am unhappy at the size of this development and the fact that it is destroying local resources and giving residents nothing back in return
Gabriella Petter
The height and building density is completely out of character with the surrounding area - nor would I wish to see it setting a precedent for very tall buildings in this location. It also very much spoils the skyline.
ruth savery
This councils absurd claims of consulting and listening to residents has been proven to be no more than spin as they granted planning consent for the monstrosity on the Hammersmith Grove car park despite overwhelming opposition. Good luck.
Robin Behan
The river view is so beautiful - and this scheme will ruin that. There has been a lot of thoughtless town planning in Hammersmith over the years - please let's not have more. And it's a shame that the cinema is going also. Please rethink these plans for something more sympathetic.
D Beaumont
This is one of the few remaining low level skylines along the Thames in London and it needs to be preserved.
Paul Davis
Much too tall - will loom over Hammersmith
John Savery
I have lived in this area (Hammersmith and Chiswick) for almost five years now. I love the fact that Hammersmith has a movie theater and that there is something else to do in the evening then just go to the pub. I know that there are two movie theaters in Shepherds Bush but they are both Vue theaters and they offer a totally different experience then Cineworld. I enjoy the Cineworld unlimited card and the ability to just take a stroll down the road and pop into the movies. Walking through Hammersmith I think the cinema building adds great character to the high street and it would be a real shame if they tore it down. Also why would you lose your costumers on purpose to the next town? People do tend to shop, eat and entertain them self’s in the same area. Westfields gives you that all inclusive feeling. Why promote that? Big buildings, more supermarkets, luxury apartments… why? They are everywhere! Hammersmith still have some character. Emphasize that! Give people a reason why they should stay around their own neighborhood and also a reason why people should take the time to travel to Hammersmith. Give them a different experience!
Jenny Frithiof
This extravagant proposal needs to be scaled down and changed ,so that it is more sympathetic to the surrounding area.Another supermarket is NOT NEEDED !
Virginia Jani
no more out of proportion buildings that dominate the skyline especially near period buildings
rose davis
I was initially pleased with the plans to make this part of king street more in keeping with the rest of the area. But I did not envisage, and how could I since it was not presented as such, a huge development dominating and looming over everything around it. I have always been against getting rid of the cinema. There is no cinema in chiswick and it is a real bonus to community life to have a local cinema. It seems to me that it has been allowed to get run down on purpose so as to make way for these plans. No one is in need of another supermarket. Particularly another Tesco . I am friendly with many of the people in the shops around here, I have not found that to be the case in other parts of London. There is already a strong community in this area and everything possible should be done to preserve it. I believe it is the key to people's well being and to wilfully try to destroy is beyond Short sighted.
My neighbours were denied permission for a loft extension on the grounds that this is a conservation area.................. It would have been invisible from the street........ And yet it is perfectly alright to build a giant 14 story high building round the corner. I am all for the regeneration of the area, but it this does not seem to be the way to go about it.
Camilla guinness
Awful idea. It ruins the area, and means the loss of the cinema. There are no other Cineworld cinemas nearby, and business will be driven to Shepherd's Bush.
Plus, Hammersmith does not need another supermarket. There are plenty in the area already.
Maria Sorensen
I think the development is dreadful, especially losing the cinema, which I and my children use regularly and really love. Isn't there some sort of "Big Society" solution to this issue? Can't some sort of local residents' trust be set up to save the cinema and keep it running for the local community?
Joanne Hilditch
I think a 14 storey building is inappropriate in this area. Buildings of this height are needed in a modern city but they should be clustered together in areas where they don't overwhelm the existing character of a neighbourhood.
Richard Owen
Please do redevelop the ugly town hall extension in King Street, but take the opportunity to create something better in its place. The current proposal seems to be all about the developer's profit margins and not the local residents.
Dan Shepherd
So sad to ruin Hammersmith's historic riverside view. And especially just behind William Morris's house, one of Hammermsith's greatest men, who celebrate the human creativity and workmanship.
sophie Sainty
The proposals overwhelm the historic Town Hall building. The scheme is a haphazard distribution of style and form. The unique urban design opportunity presented by the development concept is lost. This is early London Docklands style, the gold rush in built form. This is not better than retaining the Town Hall extension. This is failing the urban future of Hammersmith.
R Winterton
The hideous building clamped on to the front of the 1930s town hall in the 1960s (previous golden age of architectural vandalism) has long been loathed in Hammersmith.
Now a new threat is trying to arise in memory of of the loathed extensions.
A scaled development which undoes the 60's vandalism would be welcome; this monstrosity should be stopped.
James Ball
Thank you for doing this, I had my suspicions about this project, and your posters are great, showing us the truth. 14 floors is way too much, it will make the ares less hospitable than it is now. I would rather someone renovate the cinema and the Town Hall.
Katharine Sice
Get rid of the planning application and Save Our Skyline please.
Sally Fear
I'm against it.
Eunice Minogue
Still smarting from having to look out upon hideous neon purple lights nightly from the last high rise 'improvement' - old vencourt hotel now a Premier Inn, I think 14 stories is inappropriate for the area. Why do they need them? Is the council not making services redundant almost daily?
And secondly what we need is a revamped privately run cinema / cafe / club in the current Cineworld building and NOT another supermarket.
Emma Price
We would like to express our concerns about the the Hammersmith Town Hall development. At first, we were very excited thinking the ugly concrete addition would be removed but the new plans actually overpower the historic skyline.
Yes, things do have to change but surely in sympathy with what already exists so there is a connection between the old and the new!
Peter & Pamela Mullins
I live on Riverside Gardens and we face having not only our privacy and security compromised by the proposed "piazza" outside the Town Hall, now we face having all our natural light to those of us on the West side of the estate very severely diminished. How on earth can this be Putting Residents First? Please join in and protest vigorously against this scheme.
Danniella Morrison
The cinema is a vital part of the community. A cheaper form of entertainment - it is something which young people especially benefit from.
Elizabeth Warry
This development is too big and dominant.
Avril Levi
Being a council lead initiative I worry at how much power they will have to steamroll over public opinion. It is all obviously in their interest - modern offices and paid for by selling off the luxury flats.
It would be good if there was some form of local vote as it will affect so many who live in Hammersmith and FUlham. Apart from the increase in congestion and overcrowding the borough - from a 'nature' point of view I feel skyline views from the river should absolutely be protected - we are surrounded by walls everywhere - this would remove one of the expanded horizons...
Many people use this as a route down to the river - this development would blight their path and make it a hazard for cyclists and pedestrians ...
If the council won't listen to reason
may be worth looking at whether it would interrupt the migration route of some rare bird!! And thereby not be allowed to go ahead... Or does it need to be preserved for archeological reason or is it ancient consecrated land....???? Just quick thoughts ...
Rosie Worboys
Amongst the many things wrong with this proposal do we really need another supermarket taking business from our local shop keepers?
Emma Elkington
This scheme will dramatically change the character and appearance of King Street; will result in the loss of homes; result in increased traffic with the introduction of yet another supermarket. It must be strongly opposed.
Pam Griffin
This development is a huge concern for the local community! Losing our local (classic 1930's building) cinema would be so sad and the height of the proposed buildings will spoil the area and skyline. The plans are ludicrous and totally out of character - how can this be allowed?!
Paula King
aesthetics should go hand in hand with function, and this new proposal appears to have little regard for beauty. The concrete town hall is truly awful and should go, but a monolithic high rise is not the answer.
Fergus Hall
Greedy developers and collaborating Conservative councillors must be stopped. This is OUR home.
Simon Stanley
Having a small Georgian house at the King St end of Dalling Road, I shall be severely overshadowed by these buildings. It seems to me that having once had the proposal to demolish the cinema -- which is a serious local asset -- defeated by local protest, it now looks a if you are planning to sneak in another, enlarged proposal to demolish the cinema and a great deal more. Under the guise of 'improvement', which is how you first presented the current proposal -- "the improvement of the Town Hall area with public square and garden similar to the Lyric Square development" -- you are building luxury private housing to replace social housing, depriving the community of a cinema and car park, imposing the eight - or is it ninth/tenth? - Tesco in the borough and providing precious little for the community generally.
On another note, unlike many of those who propose the scheme generally, I am in favour of an overpass to the A4 rather than incident-prone undrpasseses. Surely this need not be done at so great a cost to Furnival Gardens.
Judith Vidal-Hall
There is no justification for the reckless extension of the the Town Hall offices whatsoever. The money should be used to maintain services in the borough and the utmost consideration should be given to the views of residents of H&F about this kind of development. This is our borough and does not belong to the current Conservative administration - it belongs to us, its citizens.
Anita Ponton
Can we have a more sympathetic scheme please? I would like to keep the local cinema which is a valuable resource for the community.
In this economic climate perhaps we should re think the footbridge, particularly if it will encroach on Furnival Gardens - we cannot afford to lose any of this much used green space
Anne Vessey
This would completely ruin the skyline and the view from Barnes. a new development should retain the cinema and be no higher than 3 stories.
simon hosken
Totally out of keeping.
Doris Clayton
As a former resident of Ravenscourt Road I feel very strongly that the proposed new building would materially alter the character of the area to the worse.
In particular I was shocked by the fact that the council office upgrades are worth such a small fraction of the total overall build. The implication being that the developer is making a huge amount of money at the expense of the loca taxpayer. Furthermore I was shocked to hear that councillors were treated to trips to the South of France as part of the "negotiation".
In short I suspect that local residents and visitors to the area are being deceived. This is therefore a hugely important campaign and has secured my full support.
Thomas Chadwick
As a Barnes resident, I am keen to preserve the elegant skyline of the north bank of the Thames. The Chiswick and Hammersmith skylines are as fine as anywhere, and I have photographed it extensively. You have my whole-hearted support.
Frederick Appleby
I am happy that the town hall is going to be demolished as I think this is a hideous building, but not happy with the new scheme. I think this needs to be rethought out a bit better
Susan Smith
Enough is enough and importantly let's not repeat the mistakes of the past. The creation of such precedents for planning will allow more intensive development and pave the way for more monstrous schemes.
Pat Worthington
the proposed new town hall building will do.minate and destroy an attractive and historic skyline
Elizabeth Wright
This plan looks very costly and inappropriate for the Borough right now. How can you create for profit housing on this scale, evict others yet foist the Notting Hill Housing Trust social housing plans on us in a conservation area five minutes walk away? I think this plan is a gold plated disaster.
G. Kidston
I would like to make two points;
1) I am flabbergasted that it is assumed a compulsory purchase order can be used in order to build council offices, unnecessary shops and luxury accommodation; particularly when this order will mean blind people are forced from their homes of many years. I understand CPOs can be used where there is a 'compelling case in the public interest'; is this really the case in this instance? I certainly do not believe so and I am sure the many blind residents of the Pocklington Trust building feel the same way.
2) The council appear to be prepared to compromise their strict planning regulations because the development provides them with new council offices at no monetary cost. How about extending the relaxing of planning regulations for residents when they offer the council a cash hand out? This of course is, as it should be, totally unacceptable.
Jenny Durley
This proposal would be grotesque anywhere. But that it is proposed here, in a conservation zone and where it would loom over one of the most valuable river front heritage sights that London has to offer, is doubly grotesque and could only be contemplated by the grossly insensitive.
They may go back to their drawing board and think again.
alexandra fitzherbert
I have been a Hammersmith resident for 4 years, and I don't support these new council proposals. I believe the area needs redevelopment, but the plans need better consideration.
Barnaby Jenkins
Other than doing something about the extension, no one has explained the need for such a colossal project. The developer / Council seems to have been less than straightforward in the prospectus put forward and the evident conflict of interest must raise questions about a possible breach of the principles of Good Governance of the Council.
Brian Clarke
I thought what an exellent idea it was to remove the carbuncle that is the town hall extension and to develop a piazza to open out the area onto King Street across to the Thames. However, this new building is completely inappropriate to the surrounding environment. There must be a more suitable low cost alternative to housing council staff and it doesn't need to be in the heart of the borough.
Angela White
I welcomed the idea of a new square but that is before I realised it was surrouded by high buildings - between 7 and 14 storeys. 8 storeys would be too high in the context of King Street and the developers should return to the brief - except that the retention of a cinema should be mandatory.
Roger Warry
This is completely ill conceived and inappropriate. My family have been in Hammersmith since C18th century and this feels like desecration.
Judy Miller
The current Town Hall extension built in the 60's was soon seen to be a horrible creation; replacing that with an overbearing development, by cynically slipping in extra-tall towers for financial motives, is frankly insulting to all the neighbours, users and visitors to the area.
Mrs F Mansfield
1. Yesterday's (Oct 8th) horrific accident on King Street should act as a warning against creating heavier traffic in the area.
2. I don't want my council tax going towards a massive development to further the aggrandizement of so-called public servants.
Jane Whitworth
have already sent a letter to h&f objecting to the proposals
richard jackson
This shows what happens when you let the lunatics have the keys to the asylum. Hopefully the campaign will lead to the Council seeing sense on this disgraceful project.
alexander bastin
What this administration is doing to our beautiful borough, allowing developers a freehand to build whatever will generate the most profit and calling it 'efficiencies' can never be undone. The buildings they are selling off belong to us as do the parks and open spaces.
The actions of Greenhalgh et al on this and previously are totally unethical. Will there be any of the truly important things remaining in the borough once their current term ends, and will those of us who do not share their warped values have anywhere to live?
debbie domb
It is outrageous to destroy the beautiful skyline. I totally understand that the area needs improving but not to go up THIS HIGH. What is the point of being in a conservation area if the council itself doesn't recognise the need to respect history. We are all going to live in the shadow of this monstrosity. This is not Hammersmith moving forward and up but Hammersmith turning into high rise vandalism where we look up to see chaos.
Acko Sangha
The public "consultation" on this project has been a cynical deception by the Council and the developers: the public were given a very misleading impression of the scale of the new blocks and the raised embankment in Furnivall Gardens which, far from "enhancing the setting" of the Town Hall, will in fact bury it on two sides.
The planners should go back to the drawing board. The economic conditions have changed drastically since this project was mooted: allowing an international property developer (Helical Bar) to tell the Council how many floors they need to make the project profitable is not acceptable to the residents of Hammersmith and Fulham. The councillors should be working for us, the residents, to provide what we want, not for the developers to make the project profitable for their shareholders.
There are many other, smaller scale possibilities which have been overlooked.
Una Hodgkins
I am opposed to the construction of the 2 new 14-storey tower blacks, and the 2 proposed 9-storey council office buildings. These seem so obviously and completely out of proportion to the surrounding environment and buildings that I am amazed that anybody could possibly think that they are a good idea! I am also very strongly opposed to the construction of a new supermarket on King Street, which surely doesn't need another one. It is a well examined and publicised reality that supermarket chains do not help to build community,but rather destroy the small local businesses and independent retailers who are at the heart of local communities. Building this new supermarket will be a nail in the coffin of any opportunity to rebuild and strengthen community spirit in Hammersmith. Finally, I am opposed to the walkway above the A4 to furnival gardens, which seems to me to be a extravagant waste of money when there are already 2 subways connecting Furnival Gardens with the other side of the A4. Surely there is a creative and aesthetically rewarding way to upgrade the existing walkways to make them welcoming and accessible at a fraction of the cost of the aerial walkway?
Simon Cohen
We don't need anymore high rise buildings in Hammersmith and we dont want to lose our cinema.
Howard Burwood
I don't want to see Hammersmith turned into yet another faceless town-centre with it's heart torn out. We already have plenty of ugly, empty office buildings in the borough. Why build more?
Liz Burwood
To build a 14 storey block of flats overlooking this historical area would be cultural vandalism. To get an impression of scale, the 10 storey blocks of flats (Henrietta House and adjacent block) adjacent to the Hammersmith Bridge should be viewed.
Iain Jack
I am all for getting rid of the hideous '70s town hall extension, and even resigned to losing the cinema if necessary. The proposed high-rises, though, are way out of proportion to the surrounding buildings, and would blight the upper reaches King St. We want King St to turn into an extension of Chiswick High St, not of Hammersmith Broadway.
Anna Lucas
I am deeply suspicious of this conservative administration, what there priorities are for Hammersmith, and who is pulling the strings. what I am sure of is that it isn't the residents of Hammersmith, particularly its poorer, less powerful residents. we must stand together.
Jackie Hall
This development started out with good intentions - to remove the ugly 1970s extension and give the Town Hall the setting it deserved - but it's got completely out of control and the Council has rolled over to the developer.
Rosemary Pettit
I have already copied you the letter I have written on behalf of Digby Mansions (39-58A) Residents Association. We have to put a stop to this monstrosity. Congratulations on all your hard work.
Jane Bain
People in Barnes have not been consulted on this and yet it is our view that will be utterly destroyed by this development - the view from the sourth side of the river. The development is as inhumane as the hideous advertising blocks on either side of the flyover - also something about which Barnes residents were not consulted. I am directly, negatively impacted by the advertising towers: I can see them from my kitchen and the flickering images are very distrubing. My view over the river will be destroyed by this new develpment - yet another example of the dehumanising of our cities just when we need to be humanising them.
Jane Mason
Yet again it would appear that LBHF are putting developers and profits before genuine residents. This proposed development is an eyesore on the landscape and only acts to diminish the beauty of the conservation area.
I have lived in this area for 12 years and one of the best things about it is being able to walk along the river path and feel you are away from the city. The old buildings have a wonderful character. These proposals will be visible where ever you walk near the river. They are at the top of the bend of the river and so would be visible from Barnes and Putney and Chiswick as well as Hammersmith.
This is such a lost opportunity to build something interesting that has the character of Hammersmith and its inclusiveness rather than the tall private residential buildings of Putney which it will soon start to resemble.
The cinema could be used much more effectively to get youngsters off our streets than yet another supermarket!
The bridge will also be completely out of scale with the park and neighbouring buildings.
Jane Skinner
I agree with the comments and concerns raised in your website. There seems to be very little need for all these high rise changes. I don't like the loss of space in Furnival gardens, nor the loss of the cinema. Agree, no need for another supermarket either. Keep the skyline to the current level if not lower.
Michael Davies
It is very important that the view from the towpath is preserved. The Thames in London often suffers from bad development because is a boundary. Hammersmith Council should stand back and to look at the long view and the long term.
Leigh Hatts
I'm against the redevelopment. We do not need another ugly building, the area is already overcrowded, polluted and traffic jams are a disgrace.
LBHF slogan is "Putting Residents First" - I don't think so - certainly not the blind people of Cromwell Avenue who will be losing their homes. We're getting two 14 storey tower blocks sticking out like sore thumbs on the riverside skyline, the loss of a huge chunk of Furnivall Gardens to make way for an unnecessary walkway over the A4 and the loss of the cinema - one of the few local amenities available to our youth.
Kevin Durley
This would be another low quality development that would destroy the riverside yet further.
Mark Wallace
I regularly walk past this site as I live in the area. I am horrified by the proposals and the potential conflict of interest - Hammersmith Council are there to protect local interests, not to be a party to developments which will be detrimental to local residents.
Francis Ellison
Building this totallly inappropriate and out of scale buildings so clsoe to the Thames and ruining the view, for ever, would be a crime. Please register my dissaproval of this scheme.
ewen stewart
Has nothing been learnt from the disasters of the 60s and 70s, whose miserable legacy still blights so many other areas of Britain?
Edward Peters
I support the idea of having a square and recognise that it will be necessary to develop in order to afford this, but the proposed development is far too large and too high and will be an eyesore. The Council should reconsider both the size and in particular the height and keep it to max of 7 storeys as in the original brief.
Maria da Cunha
I broadly support the demolition of the 'new' town hall and the creation of a piazza + supermarket, also the new footbridge over the A4 (the tunnel which I often use is most unpleasant), but am STRONGLY opposed to the high-rise buildings which will destroy the H'smith skyline and be wholly out of scale with their surounds.
Tim Butchard
The proposed plans are inappropriate and unnecessary! We support the protest against the planned construction. It's not all about the bottom line - it's about culture and history!
Lisa Svensson
The proposed scheme is inappropriate for the area and clearly designed to generate short term funding by the council rather than consider the long term environmental setting of Hammersmith & Fulham and King Street in particular
Janusz Heath
A building this tall would completely destroy the character of this area.
Jill Champion Rosenlund
This scheme is appalling. It will ruin an important part of the river frontage, destroy some important local buildings and replicate the arrogance and lack of scale that typifies the worst developments of the 1960s and 1970s.
Nicholas Boys Smith
Have we learnt nothing from the 1960s? The scale and density of the proposals will overshadow and destroy the beauty of Hammersmith's historic riverfront - the very area which the council should be doing its most to preserve rather than allow to be desecrated.
Graham Stewart
This planned building works will completely destroy the character of the area.
Sarah Alspach
I would like much more open information from the council so that local residents can really understand the scope of the proposals.
Lesley Hill
I am totally opposed to the Hammersmith Town Hall development. It's too big, to high and we don't need another supermarket killing off the local shops. Hammersmith is ugly enough without ruining one of the joyous aspects of living here which is the river.
Nahid de Belgeonne

The proposed project is entirely consistent with Tory policy.
Trenton Oldfield
Good luck with your campaign. We do not need this development.
Iain Cheyne
Areas of the Thames in London that are as stunning as this stretch are noew few and far between in London. The balance between maintaining the natural beauty of the river with the growth of an ever expanding city is a tough one, but one that, at the moment, is exactly right. It would be a travesty to build this and destroy the enjoyment of local residents but also the huge number of people who enjoy the river along Hammersmith and Chiswick mall.
Edward Richards
This typically thoughtless piece of architecture would ruin one of London's most precious skylines!
Jamie Routley
this is an ugly building that should not be built anywhere, let alone on one of the most scenic reaches of the river in London.
tom richards
Surely this proposed blight on the beautiful skyline cannot be allowed to go ahead. Also, the disapperance of the cinema will be a sad loss for the area. It is easily accessible by bus and tube and is one of the few non-big complex left in the area.
Linda Naylor
The proposed structure is a monstrosity and outrageous vanadalism of the historic river view. It is completely out of keeping and an abomination. We also do not need yet another supermarket. Please reconsider and preserve this beautiful area as it is.
Ruby Hashim
An underhanded and dreadful project!
luc Goidadin
The cinema would be sorely missed, especially since there isn't one in Chiswick. Clearly, the town hall is past its sell by date but can't it be replaced by something better rather than uglier? No more high rise, especially near the Thames, please.
Vanessa Cheyne
The proposal you illustrate clearly has grave negative consequences for the historic aspect of Hammersmith terrace by the river, it is too high a price to pay for the dubious gain of a new public square and I urge the council to think again and residents to unite against it.
The original proposal was represented as a redesigning of the old, ugly council building. The current proposal would appear to be a betrayal of our trust. It is a harsh, domineering structure, which will add to our stress and will blight the neighbourhood and the riverside walks, including those on the Barnes side - I wonder if they know about this well-hidden proposal? I only found out by accident today (29/9) yet I live locally.
Philippa O'Driscoll
When is quality of life, going to comeback in style, and be MORE popular than making money, and building things where they are NOT needed in an already overcrowded area. Who wants this development?? NOT MEEEEEEE!!!
Neville Lawrence
Very nasty development based on lies, misslead, and deceive. It will only benefit investors.
monica zocca
would be a blight on the skyline and ruin a lovely view from Barnes.
mary o'sullivan
I absolutely agree! They should ask citizens first before they make such decisions! Besides, it all comes from our taxes, right?
Dejan Lekic
I supported the initial proposals for the public square outside the town hall and the pedestrian walkway into Furnival Gardens, but I do NOT support this new proposal including the tall buildings at all.
Deborah Wadham
Why do architects and planners insist on keeping making the mistakes of the past? Don't they ever learn? Another gross modernist over-development is the last thing that Hammersmith needs for its regeneration.
jonathan simnett
I agree in princple with developing the area, but not on the scale proposed. The road network would not cope with any increase and i think the quaint little roads and streets and full of character and this would be lost.
Hermione Skelton
Improving the square is fine but the high rise buildings are too much. The cinema should also be protected - we only have two cinemas in the local vicinity, but at least 5 supermarkets. Why sacrifice the historic cinema for another supermarket?
R Ludbrook
The planning department seems to work with double standards. A short term financial gain for the council but a long term blot and precedent on the landscape of hammersmith
robert thomas
No! We don't want 14 storey apartment blocks which will dominate the skyline, nor do we want another supermarket. Has anyone counted how many there are already within a mile of the spot? Think again please council members.
Rosie Hodge
Please think carefully about the legacy this will leave. Town halls have traditionally been great buildings within city centres. This looks like every other early 21st century business/shopping development and will ruin a beautiful skyline whilst adding nothing that is necessary to the area.
Clare Burnett
I am totally against this development which will devastate both skyline, negatively alter the sense of community in the area and create havoc with historic architectural harmony.
Kate COlquhoun
It's wrong, wrong, wrong. These guys should do what's right for the community, not themselves.
Chris Rhodes
I strongly oppose this proposed ghastly development which I believe will destroy this historic and village-like locality
Michael Kerr
This Council has operated dual standards for too long. What is not permitted to residential properties seems to not apply to big business. Greed should not triumph over Care
David Threlfall
Whilst I am in favour of the new Town Hall Square and the pedestrian footbridge, I think the high rises would be a real blot on the landscape. No doubt someone thought the original town hall extension was a great idea all those years and now look where we are now! The council are focusing their efforts on communication of the new town square and the footbridge, all things they know that residents want and yet they are failing to bring to everyone's attention how high the new buildings are going to be and the affect it would have on the skyline, the traffic and the local services. I don't mind more offices and more residential homes but a line has to be drawn. Will the councillors really sell our river view for brand new offices paid for by developers and then pat themselves on the head at how they saved us money?? What about listening to what the people that voted them in want?
Sharon Isaac-Upton
I am very much against the proposals to demolish the 1970s Town Hall and the Cinema and totally against the erection of the monstrosity proposed in their place.
Hugh Bayne
I totally support the petition against this utterly dreadful development which has no architectural merit , would be an eyesore and totally inappropriate to the area, block out sunlight to all the streets and residence at the rear of the development and it is also unnecessary in this time of economic restraints. The additional traffic would cause havoc and for a town hall for Hammersmith & Fulham to be at the edge of the borough rather than the centre seems ridiculous.
Susie Allen-Huxley
I don't mind the ugly cinema being demolished or the Public Convenience which masquerades as a Town Hall but we need yet another supermarket like a hole in the head and it would be depressing to have the wonderful north river bank low-rise buildings dominated by high rise commercialism. Something must be done to change this development.
Michael Thomas
Hammersmith council must not be allowed to spoil one of the most picturesque areas of the borough as they have done in so many other places. This development is not needed, is ugly and will bring further congestion to our roads. A typical lack of foresight!
Matt Parkes
I am in favour of a new pedestrian square around the current Town Hall site, but strongly opposed to a high ris development, the introduction of a new supermarket, and additional luxury dwellings overlooking the river.
John Glyn
This does not look good. I too like our cinema and want it to stay. I love the river skyline as it is.
Tessa Stuart
Do we really need more homes in this already crowded borough? I think not.
paul evans
14 stories sounds far too high for the area. And where on earth are the shopper at the supermarket going to park?
Juliet Cowgill
Clare Stevens
I don't mind redevelopment - done sensitively and in character with the local surroundings. This scheme wouldn't have got even this far without the conflicting interest of the council. Let's hope they come to their senses and, at a minimum, restrict the height.
Philip Cunningham
On 25 August Mrs Hodgkins, Vice-Chair of the Friends of Furnivall Gardens, put up a notice on her property about the Town Hall Redevelopment with an invitation to visitors to the riverside to sign a "petition" - "If you are against the King Street Regeneration proposals from Hammersmith Council." She has passed the results to me and, so far, this has attracted 274 people whose signatures, names and addresses are clear. An analysis of their postal codes shows that 122 are local (W4 & W6), 132 come from other parts of London, 15 from outside London and 5 are visitors from abroad. This invitation is being continued. Chairman, HAMRA (The Hammersmith Mall Residents). 22/09/2010
Andrew Hankey
Thank you for raising this and for fighting it. A key issue for me is why do we need more office space when hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space is vacant in Hammersmith.
There also seems to be huge vested interest here in the council approving its own building.
This would seem like a great cause for the Evening Standard to get involved in, save our heritage from the fat cats!
I also wonder whether getting posters onto King Street and handing out flyers at the tube station might make a difference as well, as I only found out about the campaign because I walk along the river.
The other interesting point I think is that the council has been very active in fighting the super sewer at Furnivall Gardens, but are proposing something much worse. I am happy to help in whatever way I can.
Dan Martin
please make sure this project never happens.
thierry tantot
Lets make them stick to 7-9 storeys maximum height as agreed. That is reasonable and achievable. I hope!!
michele monks
This development would ruin what is a very pleasant, green area of Hammersmith. It would make watching films harder for the population of not only Hammersmith but Chiswick as well as there is no Cinema there. I have loved the restaraunts, shops and cinema there for a very long time and I know that these services mean a lot to myself and everyone I go to school with at Latymer Upper School, down the road. The height of these buildings would be very disturbing for residents in the area and the bridge is unneeded as there is already a tunnel a few metres away. The bridge would also be a safety hazard for motorists and could attract dangerous activity such as the throwing of items off of it. I hope this development does not go ahead as I would lose a useful area and I know that many of the nearby population would agree.
Matthew Freeman
The council's love affair with oversized developments (and developers) is now well documented throughout the borough. This is another example of them foisting onto residents facilities (a supermarket for goodness sake!) that are not wanted and and a building size that is not in tune with the neighbourhood. They appear to have no sense of place.
Paul Fox
I think the proposed scheme is totally out of character with the scale of the area - it is not only the two 14 storey towerblocks but also the fact that all of the rest of the development is no lower than the existing townhall extension - a huge increase in building density. This will change the nature of the area for ever and create a dangerous precedent for future developments.
I also do not believe that the new public square will be a particular gain for the community as it will be so overshadowed by the tower blocks it will never see the sun!
A real gain for the community would see the existing cinema restored - it is a classic 1930's building and anywhere else would be a treasured asset for the area.
Save our Skyline, Save our Cinema!
Juliet Sharman
I believe that the majority of local residents have NO idea of the extent and impact of the council's plans! Keep up the good work and we'll spread the word!!!
Rebecca Kateley
I think the proposed scheme is totally out of character with the scale of the area - it is not only the two 14 storey towerblocks but also the fact that all of the rest of the development is no lower than the existing townhall extension - a huge increase in building density. This will change the nature of the area for ever and create a dangerous precedent for future developments.
I also do not believe that the new public square will be a particular gain for the community as it will be so overshadowed by the tower blocks it will never see the sun!
A real gain for the community would see the existing cinema restored - it is a classic 1930's building and anywhere else would be a treasured asset for the area.
Save our Skyline, Save our Cinema!
Nick Bastin

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Save Our Skyline - Residents concerned about King Street Redevelopment