Save Our Skyline - Residents concerned about King Street Redevelopment

What's Planned?

As far as we know, the developers are revising the application and will resubmit at a later date.

August 2011

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The developers submitted a revised planning application in August 2011, whereby they would:

  • Demolish the 7-storey 1970s Town Hall Extension
  • Demolish the 3-storey 1930s Cineworld cinema on King Street
  • Demolish the 3-4 storey 1900s apartment blocks belonging to Thomas Pocklington Trust, and the Friends Meeting House
  • Construct one new 15-storey apartment block on King Street and a 10-storey block next to the Great West Road containing 290 (proposed) luxury flats - but no affordable housing.
  • Construct premises for Council offices and shops in two new buildings, up to 9 storeys, either side of the 1930s Town Hall
  • Create a 2,000m2 supermarket (similar in size to Sainsbury's, King's Mall) - even though there are already 5 mid-size supermarkets within 500m of the site
  • Develop a "new" public square between the 1930s Town Hall and King Street (did you know, there was a public garden here until 1970?)
  • Construct a pedestrian bridge across the A4 to Furnival Gardens and the river, with banks over 5m high to allow step-free access

We believe that:

  • The Council and their development partners have not given residents a true and fair picture of the nature of the development
  • The size and scale of this development is totally out of character, and will have a negative impact on surrounding conservation areas and overshadow the historic river frontage
  • The development will dominate the neighbourhood and impose on it some of the tallest buildings in Hammersmith
  • This will create a precedent for high rise development which would overwhelm this part of the borough and the riverside in particular
  • There is no genuine need for yet another supermarket, given the number of supermarkets and convenience stores in the immediate area - a new store would merely undermine existing businesses
  • A further 5-600 new residents will have a dramatic and detrimental effect on overstretched local services
  • As the supermarket is to be supplied via King Street, local traffic will increase significantly - especially the number of heavy goods vehicles - damaging the local environment and increasing pollution
  • The Council has previously indicated that development might reach the height of the current Town Hall Extension - why is it now promoting a development OVER TWICE as high?
  • The loss of the cinema, a local landmark, historic 1930s building and cultural resource, will have a major impact on the community
  • Why build a bridge to Furnival Gardens, sacrificing 10% of their area (estimated, but we believe it will affect up to a third), when the existing underpass could be renovated, or a street level crossing provided, at a fraction of the cost?
  • Hammersmithers already live everyday with the legacy of inappropriate and outsize eyesores such as the Broadway, Kings Mall, the Premier Inn, and the current town hall extension. We say enough is enough!

    We are working with various community groups to raise awareness of what these plans really mean and to encourage residents to add their voice to the chorus asking the Council to think again.

Save Our Skyline - Residents concerned about King Street Redevelopment